This story is about a girl I meet in a bus very young sexy and hot at a school bustop, some students came on the bus I was traveling as there was seat for another person next to me a girl sat next to me the next stop was near a super market and some ladies with bags came on board.

And the conductor told the students to give seat to ladies. The girl next to me said no way she said everyday
We travel by pass and you shout at us today we are paying full fare as it Sunday so I want to travel as a Grown-up person one lady supported the saying yes you said right I also showed the thumps up sign.

Another put her bag in my lap the girl adjusted her sitting with two
Bags in her lap in the process the right side of her blouse got bit opened when I looked I saw her white bra as the bra was tight and her boob was very small I can only see her bra nothing more. When I looked at her face she asked by her eyes what I answered with my eyes showing her the condition of her blouse, she adjusted her sitting but
Instead of being closed her blouse became more open, I was sure she did it deliberately I inched myself to
Her a little she also moved towards me.

Now our thighs touches each other even though through dress her body her heat is felt in my body there’s movement between my legs I pushed my Left hand towards her at the same time she pushed her right hand towards me.

Our fingers touched she held one of my finger between her fingers, when she did that I made an in out movement of my finger between her fingers and gave my mobile number which I used to keep written with me.

After she got down I had to travel another two stops for my place at about half hour later she called me and told me to save her number and call her next day.

I called her exact time as she told me and we made arrangement to meet two-days afterwards.

We went to a big town near us and booked a nice room for safety she wore pardah. After entering the room she looked shy and frightened I told her not worry as I Will not do anything she don’t like or force her.

Then I slowly hugged her and took her to the bed made her sit on the bed then I too sat there slowly I touched her shoulders then my hand moved to her boobs, it was so small I pressed it then took of her blouse and bra.

Then started sucking her boobs and nipples then I took of her frock and her panty.

I saw her heavenly crotch and straight away went to suck and lick it.

Sucked and licked nearly thirty minutes and she rewarded me with her pussy nectar yes fresh nectar from fresh pussy.

Now I put my cock in her mouth, she started to suck I didn’t last long I cum in her mouth she swallowed it.

Then I widened her thighs and and positioned my cock at the entrance of her heaven, gave a slight push not entering then I lubricated my cock and her pussy with ky jelly which I had with me.

Then with a slight push it went in her unfucked fuck hole and I started my movement slowly gradually increasing speed.

About ten minutes of fucking her I deposited my seed in her and told her to meet next Sunday for full enjoyment.

End of part one