Good Film

It was packed in the dirty small back street porn cinema and a very fed up sixteen year old Sara was working in the projection room, her dad owned the cinema and because the guy who normally worked in the projection room he had told Sara that she was to take his place, he told her that the film had a good write up and the place would be packed which meant there would be plenty of money in the till. Sara had decided that she would rather be out in town with her mates that stuck in the cinema, the doors opened and Sara watched the clients as her dad called them stream in, Sara thought dad calls them clients he is to polite they are nothing but a bunch of dirty old men, Sara saw Simon who was in her class at school and a well known perv along with his brother who was two years younger enter, Sara knew they were to young to be in but knew her dad would not throw them out. Sara looked at her watch saw that it was time to start and dimmed the lights noticing how the cinema went silent when she did, Sara switched the player on saw the film start then went out to the front where her dad was locking the doors, he smiled at Sara telling her the place was full to let nobody else in and that he had an urgent matter to take care off handed Sara the keys and left, Sara knew the urgent matter was a few pints in the pub. Sara returned to the projection room and looked out on the cinema and saw quite a few of the ” clients ” had their dicks out stroking them she also saw Simon stroking his dick and thought he had a good size for a perv, Sara looked at the screen and to her surprise thought the film was ok and watched it and when the disc finished quickly changed it, she was now feeling very aroused and wished her boyfriend was there, Sara heard the door to the projection room open and saw Simon stood there and told him he was not meant to be in there she saw he had his dick out and that it was about nine inches bigger than her boyfriends seven inches, Simon said ” thought you would like some company” and walked over to Sara who said ” this is private you got to leave” Simon said ” why” and rubbed the pokies in Sara’s tight fitting tee shirt saying ” it looks like you need something” then lowered his hands to the hem of Sara’s skirt and started to raise it, Sara said ” you cant” Simon pushed Sara’s skirt right up and saw that she had no panties on and said thought you wanted something and rubbed her hairless love tube, Sara was to aroused to stop him and when he pushed his fingers up her love tube she groaned, Sara then saw Simon’s brother standing by the door and felt Simon pull his fingers from her love tube and unzip her skirt which fell to the floor, Sara felt Simon’s dick rubbing her love tube then felt it pushing in and at the same time her tee shirt being lifted up over her head and off and realised it was Simon’s brother lifting her tee shirt and that she was now naked, Simon pushed his dick in to Sara’s love tube as far as he could making Sara cry out with pleasure while his brother was rubbing Sara’s ample boobs, Simon started to thrust in and out of the panting Sar’s wet love tube while his brother sucked her very erect nipples, Sara started to groan and after five minutes cried out ” yes oh fucking hell yes” as she climaxed, Simon carried on thrusting in and out of Sara’s love tube and after another ten minutes felt her climax a second time and soon after was squirting his cum on the floor, Sara looked up and saw Simon’s brother grinning at her then felt his eight inch erection slide into her love tube and start to thrust in and out and after a few minutes climaxed again and a few minutes after climaxed again before Simon’s brother squirted his cum over the floor,. Sara saw the two boys leave the room and got dressed hardly believing how good being screwed by the school perv and his younger brother had been and that it had been better than what her boy friend could do and looked forward to a repeat performance in the very near future with both the boys.