Neighbourly Love

It was late on a Friday night as sixteen year old Joel waited on the platform for the last train home, Joel was being extra careful as he knew there was a racist march planned for the next day and knew there would be demonstrators about and with him being a black youth he was a target for racist thugs. Joel needed a pee and went to the bushes when he undid his joggers got his nine inch dick out and had a pee. When he returned to the platform Joel saw the woman who lived next door to him with her daughter Amy who was the same age as what he was and in his class at school, Amy’s mum left the station sneering at Joel as she went. After a few more minutes the train arrived at the station Joel boarded it noticing that it was empty and after twenty minutes the train left the station starting the journey to the next station which would take a hour. Joel noticed Amy was in the same carriage as what he was, after a few minutes Amy got up went and stood in front of Joel and said to him ” when you had a piss in the bushes at the station I saw that cock of yours” the train lurched causing Amy to lose her balance and fall forward on to Joel who held her and said ” hello babe do you want to sample my cock” Amy looked at Joel and said ” yeah you wish” Joel smiled and replied ” you bet I do I would love to fuck you” Amy pulled free from Joel’s arms and said ” you try it” Joel stood up said ” thank you for the invite” and held Amy again and rubbed his hands over her bum, Amy pulled free and as she did fell backwards on to the seat, Joel lowered his joggers letting his now erect dick spring out, Amy looked at the eleven inch black dick and said ” fucking hell that is big” Joel knelt down and started to rub Amy’s boobs and when Amy did not stop him he slid his hands under her tee shirt and up to her boobs finding that Amy was not wearing a bra, Joel started to gently squeeze Amy’s nipples then after a minute Joel raised Amy’s tee shirt freeing her naked ample boobs which he started to suck, as Joel sucked and licked Amy’s very erect nipples he felt Amy wrap her hand round his now throbbing dick, Joel stood up and reached under Amy’s short demine shirt and pulled her panties down and off, the train lurched again and Joel fell backwards on to the seat behind him, Amy moved off her seat and knelt in front of Joel held his dick up and said ” yeah this is a beauty” bent her head forward and took the whole of Joel’s eleven inch man hood into her mouth then started to suck it, Joel could not believe his luck and lay back and enjoyed the sensation of the blonde haired white girl sucking his dick and after five minutes Joel said ” I am going to cum” Amy carried on sucking and when Joel squirted his cum into Amy’s mouth she swallowed it all, after sucking Joel’s dick for another minute Amy let Joel’s dick go, and stood up, Joel stood his still fully erect dick sticking up like a flag pole got Amy by her shoulders and gently lowered her on to the seat then pushing her skirt up and inserting his fingers into her moist love tube, after playing with Amy’s love tube for a couple of minutes Joel removed his fingers bent forward and slid his dick up Amy’s love tube, Amy’s eyes went wide and she groaned as she felt the dick slide up her now wet love tube, Joel started to thrust in and out pushing in as deep as he could causing Amy to cry out with pleasure and after a few minutes Joel felt Amy climax Joel carried on thrusting away and soon felt Amy cum a second time and then a third before Joel pulled his dick out of Amy’s love tube and squirted his cum over the floor then sat back into his seat. The next day Joel was in the kitchen of his house when he got a text message which read ” mum’s out back door open I am naked” Joel went straight to Amy’s house finding that the back door was open and Amy laying naked on the sofa, after a few minutes Amy was moaning as Joel thrust in and out of her love tube, As he thrust away Amy’s sister Sara who was two years younger that Joel and Amy walked in and said ” yeah black cock and stripped naked” Joel looked at Sara and thought very nice thank goodness I got extra Viagra.