New Girl

Cindy was a sixteen year old girl who had just moved into a new house on the out skirts of a small country town, many boys in the town thought that she was very cute with a few having masturbated thinking about her, some of the girls in the town were very jealous of the attention that Cindy was getting from the boys while secretly liking her long blonde hair that was tied in a pony tail and always looked clean and shiny. Cindy was walking home from school along the narrow lane that lead to where she lived, Cindy knew that her parents would not be in when she got home, she knew they had gone back to the house that they had just moved from to collect a box of stuff they had forgot and would not be back at the new house for at least three days, Cindy did not mind this at all she liked being on her own and found it to be more fun than having her parents there nagging at her, As she walked down the lane Cindy saw somebody laying on the grass verge and hurried to them and when she got to the person found that it was John who was two years younger than what she was, Cindy had been told that John was a pervert and to be careful of him, Cindy saw that John had obviously been beaten up and spoke to him asking him who had done it, John would not tell Cindy who had beaten him up, Cindy help John up on to his feet and pointed to the house she lived in which just a few yards away and said ” come with me and I will get you cleaned up” John went with Cindy to where she lived and sat in a chair in the kitchen of the cottage and enjoyed it when Cindy made a fuss of him while she cleaned his cuts and bruises, Cindy made John a cup of tea and a sandwich and told John to eat it and rest while she changed, John watched Cindy as she walked to a room and went in, John could see the door was still ajar and he could see Cindy undoing her skirt and when it dropped to the floor and Cindy kicked it onto her bed John smiled and when Cindy slid her panties down John smiled even more at the site of her naked bum, Cindy undid her blouse took it off and threw it on the bed next to her skirt then unclipped her bra and threw that onto the bed and stood naked, John sat staring at the naked Cindy hoping that she was going to turn so that he could see the front as well as the back but Cindy never turned instead she picked up a gown from her bed and put it on before leaving her bedroom and walking back to the kitchen where she asked John if he was OK, John smiled at Cindy and told her that he was OK, Cindy went and made another cup of tea for John and when she bent forward to put it on the table the top of her gown parted and her ample boobs fell into view, Cindy stood up straight and went into her bedroom got a hair brush and returned to the kitchen and started to brush her hair,  John sat watching and saw the top of her gown starting to open again and saw it getting wider and wider open and after a couple of minutes Cindy’s gown was wide open giving John an unobstructed view of  her ample boobs, Cindy moved away from the table and John saw that her gown was open all the way down and not only could he see her boobs he could see her hair less love tube as well, Cindy smiled at John and asked him if he was OK, John replied in a weak voice saying that he was happy, Cindy smiled and said ” what is that tent in the crutch of your trousers have you got a hard cock in there” John nodded, Cindy took her gown right off stood naked and said ” well get the thing out let me have a look at it, John stood undid his trousers and let his seven inch erection spring out, Cindy smiled and turned the walked into her bedroom saying get your clothes off and come in here, John stripped naked and walked into the bedroom where he saw Cindy sitting on the edge of her bed, Cindy beckoned John over and he walked over to Cindy who placed her hands on his thighs and took his dick into her mouth and started to suck it, John could hardly believe what was happening to him but stood there enjoying having the older girl suck his dick and after five minutes said ” I am going to cum” Cindy carried on sucking on John’s dick and when he squirted his cum into her mouth she swallowed the whole lot, then after a minute lay back on her bed patted the bed beside her and said to” John come on get on you will have a hard on for awhile I put Viagra in your tea” John climbed onto the bed looked at Cindy then started to massage her boobs noticing that  she had very erect nipples as he did, after a few minutes of massaging Cindy’s boobs and rubbing her love tube John knelt between her legs bent forward and slid his still very hard and throbbing dick into Cindy’s moist and waiting love tube pushing in as deep as he could go, John started to thrust in and out pushing his dick into Cindy’s love tube as deep as he could and after a few minutes felt Cindy cum he then started to slow down but when Cindy said” keep fucking me” he increased his speed again continuing thrusting in deep and ten minutes later Cindy gave out a deep groan as she climaxed for a second time, John pulled his dick from Cindy’s love tube and lay back on the bed. Cindy looked at him and said don’t you ever tell anyone that you have fucked me, John promised that he would not tell anyone. Half hour later John was walking down the lane thinking that was worth getting beat up for, the next day Cindy was walking down the lane on her way home from school when she saw John laying on the grass verge as she got to him she heard John groaning asked him if he was OK John replied saying I been beat up again, Cindy knew that he was only joking and said ” well in that case you had better go home and rest and I will find somebody else to fuck me” John jumped to his feet and said ” I am better I am not hurt I am fine” and twenty minutes later was naked thrusting in and out of a naked Cindy’s love tube as she groaned in deep pleasure.