Our Secret – Part 2

Three weeks later.

The summer sun shone down. The heat wave in full force. The beach seemed to be the only place to get relief.

She sunbathed in her white string bikini. Dean beside his beautiful mother. Men looking at her figure. Mentally undressing her. She knew it. She loved it. It was 4 pm

” Shall we go home ? ” She said to him. ” We have been here all day.

” Ok ” he said. They had spent the day swimming and sunbathing.

She stood sliding up her short white skirt. They packed up and headed for the car.

After having dinner at a local takeaway they arrived home at 6. 30. It was a Saturday. She dropped her things on the couch. Dean wore a pair of board shorts and a singlet.

She sat on the couch. Dean sat next to her.

” Its been a nice day. ” She said smiling

” It has. ” He replied. His eyes ogling his mothers body. Her tanned skin. Her bust. Her legs in her white flared cotton skirt. He felt bad having sexual thoughts about her. She was a single mum again. How could men hurt her he thought. It made him mad.

The taste of her pussy he would never forget. He did wonder if she knew and wasn’t letting on she did. He often looked at the finger that slid inside her pussy. The outline that he saw under her dress even if it was dark and softly light.

” I’m going to have a shower and we should watch a movie ” she said smiling.

” Yeh ” he said.

” Cool. ” She stood up and pulled off her top as she walked to the bedroom. He so wanted to join her. He was horny. He knew she was horny.

He stood at her door listening to her shower. The door to the bathroom open that lead into her room. He could see her in the mirror washing herself. His cock in his hand. He just wanted to walk in and surprise her.

She stood washing herself. Her breasts. Her pussy sliding a finger inside herself. She finger fucked herself. She hadn’t had a cock for weeks. She had been thinking about a temporary guy till she found someone new. She turned off the shower and stepped out. She was sure she saw Dean in the reflection move away as she got out. The thought of her son perving at her showering made her horny.

Dean went upstairs to shower masturbating. He went downstairs to see her in the kitchen wearing a satin slip than sat mid thigh. Her erect nipples visible through the material. He couldn’t see panty line. He knew she was knickerless and braless. She poured a glass of wine and gave him one.

” Lets have a wine together. ” She said as they settled in with a bottle of wine and snacks.

He wore shorts and a singlet. They settled in. He sat on the couch. She sat next to him snuggling into her son. Her head on his chest, his arm around her.

He wanted her body. They started watching the movie. A romantic thriller. Half way through came a sex scene. The naked actress showing her naked breasts. Deans cock hardening. His eyes looking at the outline of his mothers nipples through the slip. His hand slid under her arm. It felt like she was letting his hand get closer to her breast. She then lay down her head on a pillow in his lap. She put his hand on her side under her bust holding it their. With her hand she pushed it up to her breast. He cupped her breast squeezing it.

She then sat up pulling the straps of her slip down pushing it down her waist now topless she lay back down making it easy for him to fondle them.

The movie finished. She lay on her back on the couch. Her head on his lap. Her slip around her hips. He looked at his mothers breasts her stomach her pussy only a inch away from been visible.

He caressed her tits and she closed her eyes sliding her hands to his hands putting them on top of them as he fondled her.

” I love you touching my breasts. ” She said.

” Me to ” he said.

” Yeh good. Can I ask you something ? ” She said.

” Yeh sure “. He was anxious about what she was going to say

” How much of me have you seen spying on me in the shower. ” She asked.

He went red and embarrassed. ” Umm. ” He said.

” Its ok, I don’t mind if you do. If you wanted to shower with me, you just had to ask me. ” She said.

” Really. ” He said.

” Yeh baby, ” she said lifting her hand up to his cheek rubbing it as he kept his hand on her breast. ” Have you seen me naked ? ” She asked.

” Yes. ” He said.

” Yeh ? ” She replied. ” What do you think. ? ” She asked.

” I have only seen the reflection, just a glimpse. ” He said.

” You have seen my pubic hair ? ” She asked.

” Yes. ” He said.

” Really ? ” She said. ” Do you want to do more than just play with my tits. ”

” Yes. ” He said.

” Yeh, do you like the taste of my pussy ? ” She asked.

” Taste? ” He said thinking ‘Fuck she knows’

” I know you played with me that night. ” She said.

” Sorry I.. ”

“… Couldn’t help it. Well I let you see me in my underwear, I show you my breasts. I walk around toples. I dont blame you for wanting to see more. ” She said sliding her hand to her stomach to the top of her slip. She looked at the time. It was 10 pm.

” Your my mum. I shouldn’t. ” He said.

” Don’t worry about that baby. Are you a virgin ? ” She asked.

” Yes. ” He said.

” Why don’t you come get into bed with me and we can…. I don’t know have some fun. ” She said.

” With my mother. ” He said.

” Come on I’m here topless, your playing with my tits, you spy on me in shower, you play with my pussy when I’m drunk, you dress in my clothes. ” She said.

” You know I dress in your clothes. ” He said.

” Yes darling. All of it I don’t mind. Right now I prefer my son pleasuring me than some random guy. ” She said sitting up. She kissed his cheek. She stood as she walked away he back to him dropped her slip to the floor. She walked away naked to the bedroom. Dean admiring her naked body from behind. Her hourglass hips and arse. Her toned thighs.

He followed her to bed she lay under the sheet, it was over her hips. The silk sheet over her legs. She lay on her side resting her elbow on the bed her head in her hand. Her breasts hanging down. She patted the bed.

” I’m naked. ” She said ” Don’t be shy, I’ve seen it before. ” She added smiling.

” I was a baby. ” He said taking off his singlet and pushing his shorts down. His hard cock in his underwear. A wet patch of pre cum on his underwear.

” Take them off darling. ” She said.

He got into bed with his underwear on getting under the sheet. He lay on his back, his mother next to him. She moved close to his side rubbing his chest lifting her top leg over his thigh her leg bent her knee resting on top of his underwear. She kissed his lips.

” Shit. ” He said.

” Relax darling, its just your mother. Lets have some Mother and son fun baby. ” She said.

” Yeh ? ” He said.

” Do you want to fuck me ? ” She said sliding her hand down his stomach to his underwear.

” Really ? ” He said.

” Yeh, why not. ” She said moving her knee sliding her hand over his groin cupping his cock over his underwear.

” Fuck mum. ” He said tensing.

” Never had a girl play with your cock ? ” She said.

” No. ” He said as she slid her hand inside feeling his hard cock.

” Wow its big, always knew it was big. ” She said. ” Lets get these underwear off and both be naked. ” She said sliding them down pushing the sheet back pulling them down seeing his cock flop out. He pushed them off his feet. She grabbed his shaft and lifted it stroking it. ” Wow ” she said wanking it.

She lay at his side kissing his lips. He caressed her breasts.

” That’s nice ” he said as she slowly wanked his cock.

” Its better a girl doing it, than yourself right. ” She said smiling.

” I.. ” He started saying.

” Every boy your age masturbates baby. ” She said. ” Touch my pussy. ” She said and lay down opening her legs the sheet falling between her thighs covering her groin following the contour of her body. ” It wont bite baby. ”

He rolled to her side leaning over her her hand still on his cock. He leant in caressing her breasts sucking her nipples.

” Ohhhh baby. ” She groaned ” Yes rub my pussy ”

He slid his hand down her stomach stopping at her hips.

” Don’t be shy. ” She said holding his hand slowly pulling it down to her open legs. His fingers feeling the well groomed hair above her clit. She slid it down over her.

His fingers feeling her wet labias and clit as he sucked her nipples. He rubbed her exploring his mothers pussy listening to her groan. He found her vagina opening rubbing around her entrance.

” Push them in me. ” She said. He slid a finger in her pussy fingering her. She groaned as she arched her back holding his head against her breast as he sucked her nipples and fingered her.

Five minutes later she pushed him to his back. She straddled him on her hands and knees dangling her breasts over him. She lowered her groin to his cock reaching down grabbing his cock sliding it to her vagina.

” Lets put it in me. ” She said smiling as she lowered herself down his cock sliding deep in his mothers wet pussy.

” Oh fuck. ” He said as she slowly rode him.

” That nice baby ? ” She asked.

” Yes ” he said. She sat up and rode his hard cock. He looked down seeing his cock between her pussy lips sliding in and out. The bedside lamps shading enough light for him to see.

” Cum in me. ” She said smiling.

” I wont get you pregnant ? ” He said.

” Fuck no. ” She said riding him faster. He groaned and felt himself build up. She rode faster her breasts bouncing. ” Cum baby. ” She said.

A minute later he cum in her shooting cum deep into his mothers pussy. She stopped and lay on him.

” That was quick but nice ” she said.

” I’m not a virgin. ” He said.

” No baby, mummy took care of that. ”

She kissed his lips and got off getting out of bed. ” Showertime. ” She said walking towards the shower. Again he admired her arse. She turned her head as she got to the door.

” Going to join me? ” She said smiling. ” You have always been wanting to. ”

He got up and walked to he shower getting in with his naked mother he had just fucked.


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Hi I'm jess 35. I love writing erotica. I am single and never really wanted to settle down. I have experienced Incest taboo and group sex. I dont have a problem with incest. I am currently in a sexual relationship with my father and mother as they to love to play with other couples and are active swingers. It is fun and very erotic. Its just normal now. I love writing about incest, been involved in it. I am going to share both true story's and fiction. A lot of my stories are true, or based on experiences with other people. I will introduce it as true or fiction at the start. I love sharing my sexual experiences, re living them through writing about them.Happy reading.