Our Secret – Part 8 (Mum’s Friend Jill)

It had been a month since Rachael and Dean had sex in her mothers spot.

They often talked about his losing virginity story. He didn’t want to tell every one it was his mother.

Rachael had a girlfriend who was coming to town for work for three nights. She offered Jill a place to stay. Even though Rach would be away at a conference. Jill didn’t mind she would be staying with Dean alone for three nights.

She told Rachael Dean was a virgin and joked about letting Dean fuck her. They both laughted it off. Jill just separated from her husband. Although Jill did say some meaningless sex might be just what she needed.

Jill was 38. 5 Ft 8 slim. B cup breasts size 10. Long dark curly hair.


Dean arrived home from school knowing his mother was away. He knew Jill would be staying. He opened the door and got inside.

It was 3.48. He knew she would be staying in her mothers room. He went upstairs to his room putting his bag on his bed. He came downstairs and peaked in his mothers room. Jill’s suitcase on the bed and other clothes hanging up in his mothers wardrobe. He walked in and opened her suitcase. Clothes nicely folded. He carefully lifted a pair of jeans out and saw in the cover her underwear and bras. He unzipped the zip and reached in pulling out a white lacy g string. He sniffed it although they were clean they felt nice. For 5 minutes he got to know her underwear. He closed the lid and made sure it was how he found it.

He went upstairs and showered. He walked downstairs at 4.30 hearing the door open Jill walking in.

” Hi ” he said.

” Hi Deano, long time no see. Give your Aunty Jill a hug. ” She said.

He hugged her feeling her body against him. Her perfume, her long hair smelt delicious. Her summer sleeveless cotton dress loose over her body. The two inch straps over her tanned shoulders. His cock hard at the sight of her black bra strap peaking out from the dress straps.

” How you been ? ” He said. She wasn’t her Aunty. Not even related. She was a school friend of his mothers.

” Great, ” Jill said ” Single now. Mums told you about my husband. ” She said.

” Yeh you split. ” He said.

” Yep, so single and free. Just like your mother. ”

” Yeh cool aye. ” He said.

” Yeh so what shall we do for dinner ? ” She said. ” Your mum tells me your a good cook. ”

” Average. ” He said.

” Ok. Hey lets order pizza aye. Open a bottle of wine. What do you think ? ” She said smiling.

” Yeh cool. ” He said.

” Rach said you are allowed to drink in the company of her at home. ” She said.

” Yeh. I am. ” He said smiling

” Cool, well I am going to take a shower. So order the pizza. ” She said.

” Cool. ” He said.

Jill went to the bedroom closing the door and stripped off getting into the shower washing herself.

Dean ordered the pizza and opened a bottle of wine. He walked to the stairwell and listened at his mothers door to the shower running. He pulled his cock out and wanked knowing Jill was naked in his mothers shower.

Jill rubbed her pussy. She hadn’t been fucked for three months now. She was feeling horny.

” Fuck your son. Hes 16. ” Jill whispered in the shower rubbing her clit.

She got out and dried off she put on clean underwear. A pair of short shorts and a sleeveless top.

She walked out seeing Dean sitting on the couch. He handed her a glass of wine.

” Thanks babe. ” She said. ” How longs pizza ? ” She said

” Twenty minutes ” he said his eyes glancing over her legs and bust. His cock hard. She had a tattoo of a rose two inches round on the thigh.

” Good ” I’m hungry. ” She said.

” Nice tattoo. ” He said.

She looked down at her thigh. ” Thanks. I’ve tried to convince your mum to get a tattoo. But shes to chicken. ” Jill said.

” Is she. My mother. ” He said.

” Yeh. ” She replied.

They sat and drunk and watched TV. At 10 o’clock Jill headed to bed.

Next day.


Jill headed to the kitchen in her dressing gown. She had just showered. Dean walked down.

” Morning ” he said.

” Morning babe. ” She said. She called everyone babe. ” School today. ” She said.

” Yeh, ” he said ” What time do you start ? ” He asked.

” First client at 8.45. ” She said so I better get a wriggle on.

” I’ve got a study morning so don’t go in till 12 ” he said. ” I will make you breakfast. ” He said smiling at her Yogurt and fruit and de caf coffee.

” Thanks. ” She said. ” How did you know ? ”

” I know these things. ” He said. ” Go get dressed and I will have it ready. ” He said.

” Your wonderful. ” She said kissing his cheek.

” I know. ” He said as he started preparing her breakfast.

She walked out of the bedroom 25 minutes later and walked into the kitchen. Her breakfast on the table.

” Wow. ” He said seeing her.

” Thanks ” she said ” You like what I’m wearing. ”

” Yes. ” He said. ” Sorry it just came out. ”

” That’s ok babe. ” She said smiling its nice to be appreciated. She sat and started eating.

She wore high waisted white trousers ankle height. A satin gold v neck buttoned short sleeved blouse. Her dark hair hanging down her back freshly curled. Her make up showing her features of her face.

She finished breakfast and looked at the time.

” Oh shit. ” She said ” Need to go. ” She finished her breakfast. ” Coffee hot. Shoes ? ” She said.

” Get your shoes. I will put your coffee in a travel mug. ” He said.

She returned with her shoes and he handed her the travel mug. They were gold strappy heels.

” Thanks babe. ” She said struggling with her shoes. He knelt down as she sat on the couch he put on shoe on she did the other. He admired her white nail polish on her toes and her ankles and feet. He finished her heels. She stood.

” All ready. ” She said ” Thanks. Bit dis organised this morning. ” She replied.

” Lucky I’m here. ” He said she picked up her handbag and car keys and left.

” You will make a good husband one day. ” She said turning walking to the door. He admired her arse in her slacks, her hair.

He returned to his room. He waited till 9 o clock and came down stairs. He pushed open his mothers door looking in. He was naked.

He smiled as he walked in the room. Jill’s suitcase open on the floor. Her clothes on the floor she wore the day before. Her dress on the floor. Her shorts and top. Her blue lace g string and black lacy bra. He picked up her underwear putting them to his face. He sniffed them and sat down. He slid his spare hand to his hard cock stroking it admiring her underwear sniffing them. Playing with them. He picked up her bra. Smaller than his mum’s but he knew she would have beautiful breasts.

He would love to see them. He thought. She was beautiful. He stood sniffing them again and tasting them. Her scent, her taste.

He slid them up his legs and over his cock, pushing his hard cock down. He knew her clothes would be to small for him. He looked in his mothers wardrobe picking out a blue dress putting it on.

He looked in the mirror at himself wearing his mothers dress. He looked in her suitcase. Her clothes now not organised. He found her bikini.

A white bikini with red roses on it.

” So nice ” he said smiling standing up with it kneadling it between his fingers. It smelt like her. He took off his mum’s dress and Jill’s underwear. He put on the bikini. He looked in the mirror. He walked into his mothers bedroom finding Jill’s toilet bag. He opened it finding a box of condoms. He pulled them out opening them a box of three. It was open but three condoms in it. None used. He smiled. He would love one on his cock in her pussy.

He took off her bikini and put it back. Tidying up and going to his room with a pair of his mothers underwear and lay on his bed wanking his cock off.


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Hi I'm jess 35. I love writing erotica. I am single and never really wanted to settle down. I have experienced Incest taboo and group sex. I dont have a problem with incest. I am currently in a sexual relationship with my father and mother as they to love to play with other couples and are active swingers. It is fun and very erotic. Its just normal now. I love writing about incest, been involved in it. I am going to share both true story's and fiction. A lot of my stories are true, or based on experiences with other people. I will introduce it as true or fiction at the start. I love sharing my sexual experiences, re living them through writing about them.Happy reading.