Our Secret – Part 9 (Mum’s Friend Jill)


…… I left off will Dean having a big crush on Jill. A teen boy in a relationship with his mother. Thanks to all those following this story. I have more twists and turns coming. So please enjoy. Also please appreciate the lead ups sex between my characters. I feel its important to understand the lead ups and relationships. Thanks very much Jessica…….

Wednesday night.

5:30 Pm.

Jill arrived home from work at 5.30. She was tired. She was greeted by Dean in the kitchen. His eyes admiring Jill’s body. He almost felt guilty for this morning going through her suitcase and underwear. But loved the smell and feel of her underwear.

” Hi babe. ” She said coming in the kitchen.

” Hi how was your day? ” He asked.

” Great. ” She said. I picked up a big contract for the company. Big bonus coming Yay. ” She said.

” Cool. ” He said ” Good job. ”

” Yeh, at least I didn’t have to have sex with anybody. ” She said.

” No it was your charm. ” He said.

” Your a bit of a charmer yourself. ” She replied. ” Tell you what lets go out for dinner to celebrate. My treat ” she said. ” Go on go get changed. ” She replied.

” Ok. ” He said.

6 Pm.

They left for the restaurant. Jill wore her work clothes. Dean wore dress jeans, a nice buttoned shirt. He smelt nice with his deodorant. The drove into town. For a moment he pretended Jill was his girlfriend. He was secretly going to pretend she was. His eyes darting over to her admiring her legs and busy. The contrast of her white slacks and gold blouse with her gold heels. ‘ What a babe. ‘ He thought and he was out with her.


They were seated in the restaurant. She got the wine list.

” Juice for you I’m afraid. ” She said.

” Yes. ” He replied looking into her deep green eyes. She smiled. ” You have nice eyes. ” He said smiling.

” Thanks. ” She replied smiling. ” Gosh Rachael got it right with you. ” She said.

” What do you mean? ” He asked as they looked at the menus.

” Well. After you were conceived. She was really nervous about been a mum. She didn’t think she could do it. She never thought of giving you up or anything. She was excited about you. But always thought she would be a shit mother. The job she has done is exceptional. You are a polite sweet young man. Any girl will be so happy to be dating you. ”

” Thank you. ” He replied

” Actually to be honest. If I was younger and you were older. I would date you. ” She said.

Deans cock doubled in size at that comment. Say something he thought. Flirt with her. Shit say something he thought again.

” Whats age? ” He said smiling.

” You flirt. ” She said looking up at him.

” Yeh. ” He laughted.

” Just think, when I was 21 I was getting married. Your mum was 23 and three months pregnant with you. ” She said.

” Really. ” He replied.

” Yep, she was my bridesmaid. So you were technically at my wedding. In your mothers stomach. ” She said.

” Think you will find it was her womb. ” He replied with a cheeky grin.

” Ok smart arse. Womb. Point is you were a little embryo when I got married. Your mother
my bridesmaid. ” She replied.

” That’s pretty cool. ” He said.

” I was there at the birth as well, seeing you come out of your mother. ” Jill said

” Yuk. ” Dean said smiling.

” I know, but she was so proud of you. This little baby boy. ” Jill said as they ordered dinner.

” Thanks ” he said.

” Well I talked to Rach today, and I’m staying on till Sunday. Cool aye. Thought we might all go to the beach this weekend. Work on out tans. ”

” Yeh. ” He said.

‘There goes sleeping with mum this weekend. ‘ He thought.

” In fact ” I’ve been thinking, now I’m single. I might have to be based here now I have this big contract. ” He said.

” Cool get to see you more often? ” He said.

” Yeh. It would be nice. I feel like I’m your Aunty, even though I’m not related, ” she said as she leant forward reaching down adjusting the strap on her heels. He noticed her top button was undone. He caught a glimpse of her black bra. The lace over her tanned breast.

” You’ve known me all my life. ” He replied.

” True. Fresh start. Away from my ex husband. ” She said.


They arrived home and Jill dumped her bag and keys on the table and sat on the couch.

” Nice evening. ” He said looking at her.

” Love a glass of wine, one over dinner wasn’t enough. ” She said. Dean opened another bottle of wine. He poured to glasses and handed one to her.

” Thank you babe. ” She said. ” Sit next to me. ” She said smiling

He sat down. Smelling her perfume.

” Thanks for dinner. It was nice. ” He said sipping his wine.

” Yeh. ” She replied ” It was, your good company you know. No wonder your mother does so much with you. ” She said putting her hand on his knee. ” If my ex husband could see me alone with you drinking wine. ”

He froze, his cock had been up and down all night. He was so horny. He was yearning to fuck her. But he knew he wouldn’t. If only she knew how much time he spent together with his Mum. Their dirty secret. The things they get up to in the house. His cock pulsating at the thought.

” I try to be a gentleman. ” He said looking over at her. ” Would he be jealous? ”

” You do a good job. Your mum needs to find a man like you, shit wish I had a man like you. Yes my ex husband would be jealous, he could take some tips from you on how to treat women. ” She said smiling at him as they sat together talking looking at each other. He wanted to kiss her, he could lean in and kiss her. He wanted to. It hurt so much wanting to but couldn’t.

” I try to look after her ” he said.

” You do. ” She said


” Its getting late ” she said. Work tomorrow. Need my beauty sleep. ” She said as they both finished their wine. She stood and went to the kitchen. He followed his cock hard. He really wanted her. He admired her body in her clothes. Had he missed his opportunity to make a move. She wouldn’t anyway. He was 16. She was 38. 22 Years older than him.

” You don’t need beauty sleep, your beautiful already. ” He said bravely. Although flattering her wouldn’t work he thought.

” You are a wonderful guy. ” She said. ” Here give me a hug. ” She said opening her arms smiling at him. He knew he had a boner. He stepped in hugging her. Smelling her perfume, feeling her body against his. He held her him hands on her back. One on her bra strap over her blouse. The other on her lower back on her slacks above her arse. He wanted to slid his hand down be couldn’t.

He smelt her hair, savouring her embrace. He heard her sob. He leant back she looked at him. His hands on her sides her hands on his sides.

” You ok? ” He asked.

” Yes. ” She said. ” Do you want to have sex? ” She said.

Six words he wanted to hear. He heard them. He was stunned. He wanted it. She asked him. Shit. She leant in kissing his lips.

” Have sex with me. Let me take you virginity away. ” She said.

He wanted to say that his mum already had. He should just play along. But he felt dis honest.

He didn’t know his mum and Jill joked about it. Jill knew Rach wouldn’t mind.

” Sex. ” He said. ” I’m…

” I know 16, I’m 38. I’m 22 years older than you. Old enough to be your mother. I know. But I want you to. I haven’t had sex for over three months. I don’t want some random stranger. I don’t want relationships, I just need sex. Please. ”

” Wow. ” He said. Heard her begging him. He eyes now knowing they could see her naked. Just like his mother. He knew his mothers body so well. Here was Jill. Sexy hot Jill asking him.

” Please. I know you want to. You have been flirting with me. ” She said.

” You have been flirting with me ” he said.

” I have. ” She replied holding his hand walking off leading him towards his mothers room.

” My mothers bed. ” He said.

” Do you want to do it in your bed? ” She asked.

” Ok. ” He said following her to his room upstairs. His eyes gazing at her body behind her.

They reached his room and stood at the bed embracing. She kissed him. ” Don’t be nervous. Its our secret. No one had to know. ” She said.

” I don’t have condoms. ” He said.

” Me either, but lets not worry about that. ”

” Ok. ” He said kissing her lips. She lifted his hand to her bust. He felt her breast under her blouse. He pulled her in sliding his hand to her arse feeling her arse cheek.

” Oh babe. ” She said. ” You will be the second
guy to fuck me. ” She said.

” Really. ” He said.

” Yes. ” She replied. She undid his shirt. Taking it off running her hand down his chest. She kissed his neck and then his chest. Her hand sliding to his groin feeling his monster in his pants. ” Wow. Your so hard. ” She said.

” Its been hard all night. ” He said.

” I know. ” She replied. ” My pussy has been wet all night. ” She whispered in his ear kissing it. He slid his hand to her slacks undoing the button. He pulled down the zip looking down revealing the lace band of her underwear. He kissed her looking up at her as he let her trousers fall to the floor. She stood her raised his hands starting from the bottom undoing her blouse. Button after button opening her blouse. He undid the last one opening her gold blouse. Her breasts sitting in her black bra.

He pushed it off her back to the floor. She stepped out of her trousers kicking them behind her. They kissed french kissing. He caressed her bust over her bra with one hand sliding to her arse squeezing the cotton underwear over her buttocks.

” Finally getting my clothes off. ” She said.

” Yeh. ” He replied sliding his hand to her back.

” You have been wanting to since yesterday right? ” She said as he unclipped the clip pulling it off revealing her breasts.

” Oh yeh, ” he said smiling seeing her breasts his hands feeling her naked bosom. Her small erect nipples. Cool tattoo. He said admiring the the dove tattoo on her breast next to her nipple and a butterfly on her sternum just under her beasts. ” They are cool tattoos ” he said. Running his fingers over them.

” Thanks ” he said smiling not many men have seen my dove. Including you only four.

” Three. ? ” He said.

” Yes. You, my ex husband, and the guy who did the tattoo. ” She said. He leant in softly kissing over her tattoo on her breast. She moaned as he cupped her breast softly kissing it and over her breast, around her nipple not touching it. He stood up kissing her lips.

” Would you like a massage? ” He asked.

” Yes please. ” She said. ” Can I have a shower first? “.

” Yes, ” he said. ” I will get the oil from mum’s room. ” He said.

” Rach said you often massage her back. ” Jill said pushing her underwear to the floor. Kicking them onto her slacks on the floor. She stood naked. Dean couldn’t believe she was naked in her room. He glanced to her groin seeing a rose tattoo next to her pussy.

” I do ” he said ” Another tattoo cool. ” He sat on the bed admiring the other tattoo by her pussy. She looked down. ” Yeh cool aye. Get the oil and join me in the shower. ” She said.

She turned walking to his bathroom.


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