Our Secret

He couldn’t contain himself. He was 16. He had never experienced women. He lived with his mother and step father. His father left when he was 5. Since then he had had many step fathers.

His mum was now 40. Her birthday. She had many guests coming. Special age milestone she said why not celebrate it she said.

He had been in her room many times, checking out her underwear. He had started masturbating. His step father away for work. He would miss her birthday.

” Don’t know what to wear. ” She said to him the night before. She walked out of her room in a red sleeveless short dress that hugged her size 12 body, the v neck showing her amazing c cup breasts her cleavage on show. Her shapely arse accented in the dress. ” What do you think ” she asked adjusting her long dark hair.

” Yeh. ” He said.

” Your not sure. ” Rach said ” Your right to slutty. ” She turned and went back into the room.

Minutes later she walked back out in a black dress. An off the shoulder sitting across the top of her breasts. A hint of cleavage but not as much as the red one. The dress sitting mid thigh not as tight.

” This one ? ” She asked doing a twirl.

” Its nice. ” He said.

” Fuck, its not a funeral. ” She said. ” Come chose on for me. I cant make up my mind.

He followed her to her room. He knew all her dresses, all her underwear. He knew her drawers. She knew he did. She didn’t really mind. Dean often tried on her dresses. They seemed to fit him. He would dress in her underwear and bras and dresses. Stuff her bra pretending to have breasts and walk around the house.

He looked through her wardrobe. He knew what dress he wanted her to wear. He picked out a blue off short sleeved plunging round neck dress, sitting mid thigh.

” This one ” he said.

” Umm I wondered about this one. ” She said turning around. Pulling her hair to the side. ” Un zip me. ” She said.

” Aye. ” He said.

” My zip, pull my zip down. ” She said. He reached for it pulling it down past her bra strap. ” Thanks. ” She said pulling her dress forward and pushing it to the floor. She stood in a black g string and bra. ” Don’t be shy ” she said turning to him. He saw her breasts in her lacy bra. The skin of her breasts through the lace. Her nipple shape under the lace.

” Wow. ” He said.

” They are just breasts. ” She said picking up the blue dress lifting it over her head and pulling it down over her body. ” Pull my hair out. ”

He pulled his mothers hair out and zipped it up at her request. She shuffled in it adjusting it looking in the mirror.

” Its nice. ” He said smiling at her.

” Yeh. ” She said looking at him.

” Yes it is. ” He said knowing he worn it a few times.

” Do I look hot and sexy ? ” She asked.

” Yes. ” He said his cock hard in his underwear.

” Well then, I will wear this one tomorrow. ” She said she noticed his erection in his shorts she turned around her back to him. Pulling her hair out the way. ” Unzip me again. ” She said. He did. She lifted it up over her head. For a second he was able to perve at her cleavage as she lifted it over her head.

She stood in her g string and bra. His eyes fixed on his mothers body.

” Would you like to see them. ” She said.

” See what. ” He said.

She smiled looking down at her bust in her bra ” My tits. ” She said

” Serious. ” He replied.

” Oh come on, I know you perve at them. Undo my bra. ” She said.

” Shit really. ” He said.

” Don’t be shy, its just your mother. ” She said turning her back to him pulling her hair off her back to her front. He bra strap awaiting. He reached for it. He had mastered unclipping them when wearing them. He unclipped it. She turned around. Her loose bra over her breasts. ” Take it off. ” She said.

He grabbed the straps on her shoulders pulling it forward down her arms. Her breasts falling out as it slid to her hands. She dropped it to the bed.

” Wow ” he said admiring her breasts. Her small nipples, her inch wide areolas. ” Mum, they are awesome. ”

” Are they what you pictured while perving at them in my bikinis and tight dresses. ” She asked.

” Better. ” He said

” Touch them. ” She said. He reached out cupping them feeling the soft skin of her firm breasts. Touching and admiring her nipples.

” They feel nice. ” He said.

” This is our secret ok. ” She said smiling at him.

” Yes. ” He said his eyes fixed on his mothers bare naked breasts. Her perky nipples. His fingers feeling her skin. His eyes glanced down to the black material hiding her pussy.

” I’ve wanted you to see them for a while. ” She said.

” Really ? ” He said.

” Oh yes. Just think you used to breast feed as a baby. ” She said smiling

” Mum. ” He said looking up at her.

” Go on, suck my nipples. ” She said.

” Really ? ” He said smiling.

He leant in caressing her breasts, his lips over her nipples sucking them.

” Oh baby. ” She said holding his head into her. ” I’ve missed this. ”

” Missed what ? ” He said looking at her.

” My baby sucking my tits. ” She said. ” I mean I’ve had other guys play with them and suck them but its not the same. ” She said

” Im your son. ” He said.

” I know, I like you sucking and playing with them. ” She said as she heard a car door close. She looked out the curtains. ” Grandma. ” She said.

Dean walked our of her room catching a last glimpse of her breasts. He answered the door letting his grandma in. His mum walking out minutes later wearing a summer dress. Her breasts pushed up inna white lacy bra.

” Mum. ” She said smiling at Dean who minutes later was fondling and sucking his mothers breasts.

Next day.

The party went well. 30 People turned up. He kept picturing his mothers breasts. The image in his head. He wanted to touch them again and play with them. He wanted her to touch his cock. He spent a lot of time masturbating thinking of his mother. He knew it was wrong but it felt good. His mother in her blue dress. She looked so hot in it. His step dad away for the week. He started feeling jealous another man was sleeping with her. Seeing her naked. Touching her. Fucking her. He thought he wanted to go further with her. Touch her pussy. See her pussy. He saw her figure in her bikinis but never her underwear. He wanted her. A son wanting his mother. I’m 16 he thought shes 40. He wondered about losing his virginity with her. He watched her laughing and drinking having a good time.

One week later. Monday.

She threw him out. He had a affair. Another step dad gone. She sat on her bed crying. He put his arm around his mother comforting her. She was tired. She decided to have a shower and go to bed.

Tuesday. 5. 40

He arrived home from work. His after school job at the local pizza shop. He walked in the door walking past his mothers room looking in. Her clothes she wore that day in a pile on the floor. He heard the shower running. He stepped in her room picking up her underwear.

” Ummmm. ” He said. The door slightly open to the bathroom. He walked over quietly peeking in. Through the door he saw her figure her naked figure in the reflection in the mirror through the glass shower door. Her amazing breasts. She turned off the shower. He stepped back placing her underwear back and walked out. He stood at the door in the hallway. He knew the reflection in the bedroom mirror he could watch her. Since she showed him her breasts he practiced. He watched as she stepped naked into the room. Her breasts. He saw for the first time her strip of hair between her legs as she dried. He gripped his groin feeling his hard erection. He wanted to walk in in her. He couldn’t. She slid underwear up her thighs. He slowly and quietly walked out to the kitchen.

A minute later she appeared topless on the kitchen wearing only underwear. A red pair on women’s boxer briefs.

” Hi. ” She said.

” Hi Mum. ” He said admiring her breasts. She walked around topless now. He loved it. Seeing them every day. I’m off out tonight with girlfriends.

An hour later she left with her girlfriend wearing a off the shoulder tight red dress.

11. 30.

She got home. He met her in the lounge. She was quite drunk. Her girlfriend helping her inside.

” Let her sleep it off ” he friend said he helped her to her bed. He put a blanket over her. Her friend left leaving him with his drunk mother.

He sat on her bed watching her sleep. Her bust in her dress. He felt naughty. He pulled his cock out masturbating as he admired her bust. She rolled onto her back. He pulled the sheet down admiring her thighs. A stream of light from the hallway in the room. His hard cock in his hand he rubbed her thigh. The dress just covering her groin. He slid his hand inside her thigh an inch away from her underwear. She moved opening her legs slightly still sleeping. He saw her underwear over her pussy. The red briefs he saw he in. With his finger he rubbed over her underwear one hand on his cock.

He slid his finger inside them feeling her pussy lips. Her strip of hair over her pussy. He felt her wet moist pussy lips. His finger rubbing her labias. He pushed further in finding her vagina opening. He pulled them to the side seeing her pussy lips. He stroked his cock faster. He got braver pushing his finger into her pussy. He kept it still in her as she snored wanking his cock.

A minute later he cum shooting cum over himself, his hand his finger still in his mothers pussy. He pulled it out putting it in his mouth tasting her juices.

” Yummy. ” He said. He put her underwear back over her pussy and pulled her dress down over her putting the sheet back. He stood and went to his room to clean up.

Next morning.

7 Am.

He ate breakfast in his school uniform. He couldn’t believe he played with her pussy. She walked in in her silk robe.

” Morning. ” He said.

” Morning dear. ” She said pouring a coffee. ” Bit hung over ” she said.

” You got home drunk. Samantha said let her sleep it off. ” Dean said.

” I had a good night. ” She said smiling at her son.

” Good. ” He said she knew he played with her pussy. She was awake the whole time pretending to be asleep. She was drunk but not that drunk. But she enjoyed it her son exploring her body. Was she ready for him to see her naked properly.

Find out in part 2.


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Hi I'm jess 35. I love writing erotica. I am single and never really wanted to settle down. I have experienced Incest taboo and group sex. I dont have a problem with incest. I am currently in a sexual relationship with my father and mother as they to love to play with other couples and are active swingers. It is fun and very erotic. Its just normal now. I love writing about incest, been involved in it. I am going to share both true story's and fiction. A lot of my stories are true, or based on experiences with other people. I will introduce it as true or fiction at the start. I love sharing my sexual experiences, re living them through writing about them.Happy reading.