The Bus Stop

The bus stop was on a quiet country lane right beside a large wood, it was late at night as Ajanta stood under the shelter of the bus stop cursing herself for having just missed a bus, she checked the time on her watch and saw that it was ten o’clock which meant it was a hour before the next bus was due and as they were often late it could be longer. Ajanta settled down to wait thinking that in her home country of Bangladesh they did not even have a bus service that covered the small village where she had lived so having one here was a thing that her village would be proud of. As she waited for the next bus she saw Tina who at sixteen years of age was the same age as she was and her boyfriend Steve also 16 years old walk down the lane to the bus stop, Ajanta thought she has nice tits wish I could see them would love to see Steve’s cock as well. as they stood in the shelter Steve and Tina started to snog, Ajanta saw Tina slide her hands inside Steve’s joggers and saw slight movement in the front of Steve’s joggers and after a few minutes smiled when she saw a bit of Steve’s dick showing, Ajanta stood where she was and after a few minutes thought nice as the tip of Steve’s dick appeared over the top of his joggers and a few more minutes about four inches of Steve’s dick was showing then to her surprise and joy Tina pushed the front of Steve’s joggers down and the whole of his erect dick appeared, Ajanta was now looking at a nine inch white dick and loving it, Steve slid his hands up the inside of Tina’s tee shirt as he did Ajanta saw the underneath of her boobs, Tina said ” there are to many cars let’s go into the woods and went into the woods closely followed by Steve, from the shelter Ajanta could still the pair and when Steve lifted Tina’s tee shirt over her head freeing her naked boobs Ajanta thought oh yes very nice tits, Ajanta stood watching as Tina knelt down and pulled Steve’s joggers down and started to suck his dick and after a few minutes saw cum trickle down Tina’s chin and thought she is a cock sucking spunk swallowing bitch with lovely tits, after a few minutes Steve and Tina walked out of the woods and back to the bus shelter, after a few minutes Steve left Tina at the bus stop and walked home, Ajanta smiled at Tina and said ” I could see everything you two were doing” Tina shrugged her shoulders and said ” so what we don’t care” then lifted her tee shirt letting her boobs fall free and said ” I seen the way you look at me at school trying to see these” Ajanta stepped towards Tina grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the wood, once inside she cupped Tin’s boobs in her hands, Tina said ” fuck off I never said you could that” Ajanta pushed her hand down  the front of Tina’s joggers and found her love tube saying you did not say I could do this either, Tina said ” you cant” Ajanta lowered Tina to the ground pulled her joggers down and pushed her fingers inside Tina’s love tube and at the same time started to lick and suck her nipples, Tina was soon groaning and it was not long before she gushed, after a few minutes Ajanta removed her fingers and stood up smiled at Tina and went back to the bus stop, after a few minutes Tina came out of the woods looked at Ajanta and said see you in school on Monday lesbian, as she walked after Steve,  Ajanta replied saying ” tell Steve he has got a nice cock, Twenty minutes Ajanta was sat on the bus smiling and thinking I am glad I missed the other bus.