The Nerd

Gary was a very intelligent boy at the age of just sixteen years old he had developed a vaccine against some types of cancer, the vaccine was now being tested by the government with very good results. Amy was a sixteen year old drop out who hardly ever went to school, she drank cheap cider and smoked pot she also had a very bad reputation for being violent and had few friends, It was early evening and Amy was sitting inside an derelict building on the edge of the town where she lived, she was drinking from her fourth can of cider when she saw Gary appear in the door way of the factory, Amy hated Gary and was about to throw a brick at him but stopped when Gary lowered the front of his joggers and pulled his dick out, Amy was totally surprised at the size of Gary’s dick and stared wide eyed at Gary’s nine inch soft dick that hung down in front of him, Amy had never seen anything as big and just stood staring at the large dick, Amy walked over to where Gary was standing not taking her eyes of the massive dick and said to Gary ” how the fucking hell did you get a cock as big as that” when Gary had seen Amy approaching he had started to put his dick away but when he saw the way Amy was staring at his dick he stopped and left his dick hanging down. Gary smiled and in reply to Amy’s question said to her ” I have designed my own developer” as he spoke Gary noticed the pokies that had appeared in Amy’s tee shirt, he also noticed the slightly dazed look in her eyes and said to her  “do you want to sample it” Amy did not make any reply she just stood transfixed by the massive dick in front of her, Gary reached out a brushed his hand over Amy’s boob feeling the stiffness of her nipple through the flimsy material of her tee shirt, he then asked Amy if she wanted to feel his dick, Amy just stared, Gary took hold of her hand and guided it to his dick and rubbed Amy’s hand over his dick, after a minute he stopped, Amy stood staring at the rising dick and made no attempt to stop Gary when he started rubbing her boobs and squeezing her nipples through her tee shirt, Gary now had a full eleven inch erection which Amy was staring at in disbelieve, Gary slid his hands down and under Amy’s tee shirt before sliding them up to Amy’s braless boobs and start to rub them and squeezing her nipples as he did, after a few minutes Gary removed his hands from inside Amy’s tee shirt and unclipped her short skirt letting it fall to the ground he then pulled her panties down round her ankles then he lifted her tee shirt up and over her head and off, Amy was still staring at the massive dick that was throbbing in front of her and made no resistance when Gary lay her on the ground but instead parted her legs saying ” fuck me” as she did, Gary knelt between Amy’s parted legs then bent forward and slowly slid his eleven inch erection all the way up Amy’s wet love tube, as he slid his dick up Amy’s love tube he heard her cry out in pleasurer, Gary started to thrust in and out of Amy slowly and after just a minute he felt Amy cum but carried on thrusting away going in deep and hard and it was not long before Gary felt Amy cum a second time, Gary carried on thrusting away liking the way Amy was moaning with pleasure after twenty minutes Gary had felt Amy cum five more times he stopped thrusting in and out of Amy and pulled his dick from her love tube and stood up then tucked his still erect dick back inside his joggers and stood looking at Amy noticing the very glazed look in her eyes, after half a hour Amy had recovered and got dressed,  Gary looked at Amy smiled and said to her ” if you ever want another good fucking phone me” and gave her a card with his phone number written on it and walked away, That weekend Amy phoned Gary and after getting his address and being told by Gary that his parents were away for a few days went round to the house where Gary lived and after ringing the doorbell waited for the door to be opened and after a few minutes the door was opened by a naked Gary, Amy stepped inside the house and when Gary told her to strip Amy did not hesitate and was soon naked, Amy let Gary lead her into the lounge where she got a shock there was her best mate Tina naked on her hands and knees sucking the dick of Asif the local shop owners son who like Tina was the same age as herself,  As it slid in and out of Tina’s mouth Amy could see that Asif’s dick was about ten inches, Amy also saw Asif’s brother who was two years younger than what she was standing naked with a nine inch erection, Gary looked at Amy and said to her ” some of my friends use my developer as well” after a few minutes Amy was laying on the floor moaning with great pleasure as Gary pounded in and out of her wet love tube and after Amy had cum twice Gary slowly eased his dick out of her love tube and stood up, Amy saw Asif’s brother kneel between her legs after moaned as he slid his dick into her love tube. After a few hours both Tina and Amy were laying exhausted on the floor both girls had lost count of how many times that they had climaxed but both were happy and fell asleep. In the morning Amy woke still naked to find Asif and Mark kneeling either side of her head she could hear Tina moaning as Asif’s brother pounded away into her love tube, Amy gagged as both Asif and Mark slid their dicks into her mouth and after ten minutes she felt Asif’s brother sliding his dick into her love tube, Tina sat watching as three massive dicks went to work on Amy’s willing body and wondered why the boys did not cum but did not care why they did not cum she was happy as things were.