The time I sucked off 4 boys

Hi. My name is Isabelle, but I am often called Izzy. I’m about 5’4 and have blue eyes, long wavy brown hair with blonde highlights. I have a nice little ass and little tits. Anyways enough about me. Lets get right into it.

It all started at a Halloween party at my friend’s house. She invited a lot of people. She invited nearly everyone in our grade and the grade above. My friend’s older brother was a freshman, and I knew he and his 3 buds were checking me out the whole night. I was younger at the time, but I knew lots about sex. The party was even more fun because my friend’s parents were gone for the night, so we had access to all the alcohol we wanted. Of course, I ended up too drunk to think straight, so I just sat on a couch in the basement so I could be away from people. That was my second mistake. My friend’s older brother (Hunter, and his 3 friends, Isaac, Cris, and Tony) came up to me and asked if I was ok. I responded with a no, so he went and got his friends. A few minutes later they all came up to me and got right to business. All 4 of them came up to me and started feeling me up. One of them started to kiss me, while the other 3 fondled my tits and massaged my ass. It didn’t take long before I was undressed. One item of clothing after another, they pulled it all off. They walked me to the floor, and laid me down. I was on my stomach, and Cris laid in front of me, cock hanging out. His cock was just about 6 inches hard. I put my mouth over the head and heard him moan. At the same time, I felt things poking around at my ass and pussy. I didn’t want to stop sucking so I never looked. I was slowly sucking om Cris’ cock for about 5 minutes, and then out of nowhere I felt a warm substance begin to fill my mouth. I swallowed it all and looked up at him. He didn’t even realised he had cam. He then told me,”Mmmm you’re a good little cock sucker.” He got up and swapped places with someone from behind. It was then that I looked at what they were doing. Tony had his cock pressing onto the lips of my vagina. I let out an explosive moan of pleasure as he pushed it into my cunt. His cock was at least 7 inches, so it was huge in my tight virgin cunt. I had to turn my attention to Hunter, who now awaited his blow job. I started wrapping my pink, soft, warm lips around his cock, just past the head. I used my tongue to tease the tip. I did circular motions around his head. He only lasted about 3 minutes, but as he was about to cum, he shoved my head all the way down on his cock, and cam down my throat. At the exact same time that happened, I had an explosive orgasm. The whole time I was sucking off Hunter, Tony had been fucking my pussy like an animal. After my cunt began to contract, I felt a warm sensation fill my body, and I realised Tony had cam in me. At the time, I didn’t care considering I was drunk and as horny as could be. His cum slowly flowed out of my pussy, and just then, something massive started pressing into my asshole. I looked and saw Isaac, who had a 7 inch cock soft, pressing into my ass. His head was at least 2 inches wide, and was much larger than the rest of his shaft. I moaned it both pleasure and pain as it forced its way inside of my virgin asshole. As my mouth was open, Tony and Cris both shoved their cocks into my mouth. As my pussy was now exposed, Hunter took his turn. With all of my holes being ruthlessly fucked, I orgasmed again. As if by magic, all of them cam at once. Maybe my orgasmic contraction squeezed it out of them, but it was amazing. After that, they all just got up and went back to the party, leaving me naked and filled with hot cum. I passed out and woke the next morning to the sound of flesh on flesh, and the jerking of my body. But that’s for another time.?