Coimbatore couples – 2

This is our second story. My husband went to Spain yesterday, I visit market for buying fruits by our JAGUAR, as I was going in NH on evening time I search for a toilet to piss lucky I got public toilet but it was full nasty from out skit itself very bad smell I had no option so I went inside the toilet. In toilet there was already a person sleeping. That person seemed to be a flirty transgender. The light was on in the toilet and I was clearly seeing the dirty toilet cleaner also there. The toilet cleaner asked the transgender “Get up, madam wants to go to the toilet”. The transgender gave no response. When toilet cleaner pushed him with his leg he said. They closed the toilet door. Transgender was lying in toilet facing opposite side and I was standing with toilet cleaner on the pot. It was Indian style toilet. The transgender asked the toilet cleaner why he is inside the toilet and with madam. In an instant toilet cleaner removed my costly silk saree on me and I was nude inside the toilet with toilet cleaner and now transgender watching me with wide eyes. “Holy Shit’ exclaimed the transgender. Ignoring the transgender, toilet cleaner made me sit on that dirty, full of human shit, latrine pot. I remember how much dirty it was. All there was human piss and dirt. But I resisted. My soft white ass was now become dirty with all the piss and shit on the toilet pot. But the transgender lifted me and thrown me where he was sleeping. I was lying on the dirty shit floor nude, they smiling at me. Next instant the transgender and toilet cleaner both were on me and searching my tenderness and feeling the softness of my boobs and vagina with their hands. I don’t know what was inside in the toilet cleaner’s mind but he sat on my face and asked me to lick his ass. While I was licking toilet cleaner’s ass, the transgender was playing with my boobs and inserted his penis inside my vagina. I liked the filthy ass of the toilet cleaner. Before 3 hours I was shivering with cold with clothes and now I am nude but I was warm like never before. Transgender ejaculated on inside my vagina. I saw the toilet cleaner putting my finger in his ass hole and made me lick that finger. Now the transgender put his penis inside my mouth and pressing my boobs. Toilet cleaner was now putting his leg inside me and giving me a leg fuck. His leg felt like a rod with lots of needles inside my vagina. Transgender ejaculated in my mouth and i happily drank his semen. We rested for 10 min and in between they played with my boobs and my pussy lips. I can’t explain the rawness, filthiness of their body.

They were eating tobacco and made me drink there tobacco filled saliva one by one. They lit up a beedi and smoking and throwing the smoke inside my vagina through their mouth and when the smoke was coming out they laughed and said that Toilet cleaner made a big noise with his throat and gathered the entire cough he had in his throat and inserted in my mouth. That salty taste of his cough I can never forget. Now they were ready for one another round. Toilet cleaner took me from my ass and transgender fucked my pussy. I felt so nice to have two dicks, one in ass and one in pussy. But to enlarge my ass, he first put one finger then two and then three inside my ass. I was smooched by transgender while toilet cleaner was fucking my ass and transgender was fucking my pussy and squeezing my boobs. Next they changed their position and now toilet cleaner was fucking my pussy and transgender fucking my ass. If I want to rate both then I will give toilet cleaner 99 and transgender 75. While fucking toilet cleaner bite my lips and tongue. I forgot to tell you that my vagina is pink, tight. They both than removed their penis and asked me to sit on the pot. And transgender started peeing on me. His pee was yellow and very warm. He peed on my face, boobs and on pussy. Next toilet cleaner put his penis inside my mouth and asked me to drink his pee. I hesitantly did this. His pee was like strong vodka and very warm. I was now wet with the pee of both these devils. On the seat itself I started giving blowjob toilet cleaner while transgender inserted his penis inside my vagina. They ejaculated simultaneously. I was filled with semen in both my holes. This was the last session which we had. But they didn’t spare me yet. They took me on the nude and both were lying on both sides on me and the whole night they played with me and my private parts. They liked my softness and youthfulness. They were not fucking but touching and caressing and pressing my boobs and fingering me. Whole night they drank rum and smoked. They were literally licking my face, lips and nipples. They were fingering me and at one instant I was having 8 fingers in my vagina. At 5 AM asked I to leave and I went nude to my Jaguar car.

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Coimbatore couples – Series


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