Enjoying the show

I had already bought a place after Barb and I split, but I was staying there after back surgery as I couldn’t drive for a week after. I only had two days left and it was Thursday morning still dark out when I woke up. I made a pot of coffee, put on my robe, poured a cup and went out to the back yard and sat down on the picnic table. It was already in the upper 70’s and I left my robe open, as I wore nothing under it.

As I sat sipping my coffee looking up at the clear starry sky a light came on in the bathroom. The window was open and I watched as Barb’s Daughter (Jen) and the girl who lived with them (Lily) walked in, took off their pj’s and stepped into the shower. Jen was tall 5’9” 17, brunette with long legs, a very nice ass and just the right size breast (just a mouthful). Now, Lily was a very petite 4’5 or 6” 17, redhead, freckles and barely bumps for breasts, she looked more 14 or 15 than 17 almost 18. I sat sipping my coffee watching as they shaved each other’s pussy, then they took turns fingering and licking each other, before finishing their shower. I’d have to wait to go inside as my cock was hard from watching the girls, especially Lily.

After my erection subsided I walked in, the girls at the dining room table eating
Breakfast looked up and asked, “Where’d you just come in from?” “I was sitting on the picnic table having coffee in the backyard. As I sat there I saw a wonderful sight that I really, enjoyed.” I replied. The girls looked at each other and then Lily asked, “What did you see?” “I enjoyed the show you two lovely girls put on in the shower.” I replied with a smile. Before anyone could say anything else Barb came out and got a cup of coffee and sat down at the table. The girls finished breakfast and headed to their rooms to finish getting ready for school. Barb and I had a short conversation and she went to get ready for work. The remainder of the day was the usual, 20 minutes out of every hour I had to go out and walk, then lying down for the remainder of the hour and repeat. He next day I would be able to drive and head to my place to relax and do as I saw fit.

Friday morning I got up and got into the shower, when I heard the girls getting up. I figured I’d give them the same opportunity I had yesterday. I made sure the window was open, got into the shower, I wet my body down, soaped up and shaved my cock and balls, then I lubed up my cock and started stroking my cock, which when fully erect was 11”. I aimed the shower head to spray away from the door and open it as I continued to jack off hoping the girls were watching, just the thought they were heightened what I was doing and I was about to cum. I leaned against the wall, so I facing the open window, I groaned loudly as cum spurted rope after rope of cum flying into my hair landing on my face, chest, ceiling of the shower. I actually believe I heard the girls gasp and then giggle. I finished showering, dried off, headed out to get coffee and there were the girls whispering and smiling like Cheshire cats.

“How are you girls doing this morning?” I asked. “We enjoyed the show, this morning.” they replied. “And what show was that? I asked, smiling. “That huge cock and all that cum shooting everywhere, our cunts are soooo fucking wet. We would like to see your cock up close and personal.” She said with a smile. I told them that I was heading to my place today and that they were both more than welcome to come over any time after they turned 18. They both giggled and said it was a deal, they would be coming over the following month. I stood up to go get dressed and made sure my robe fell open as I did. I lingered long enough for them to get a good look and smiled as they sat there, staring and mouths wide open. I was really looking forward to them showing up.