Enjoyment with my reader

Hi readers… This is Selvakumar age 27 from Chennai, Tamilnadu. I’m not well-built or an athletic body I am a normal, shy person. Being frank, mine is not very big. Its 14cms, guess enough to satisfy a girl. Please forgive me, if there are any mistakes.. No penetration is involved in this, if you expect it, you can choose another story instead of this. I had written 2 stories before. One was mine and other was a girl’s story and nothing interesting happened after this. And I don’t talk to girls even during my college days but I always stare at the girl’s ass and breast, I can’t resist myself, my eyes goes automatically so I tried apps like KIK, Nimbuzz to get girls but no use yet. Mostly its fake IDs and Gays in female name.

A girl Telugu girl of age 22 named Sowmya read my story and mailed me… We had chats in hangout. She was from Kakinada and no way to meet her, I didn’t show interest. Later after 6 months, I received message from her in hangout. She told she was travelling to Bangalore for searching for a job (she is a fresher). I was also moving to Bengaluru for my new job. She told, she be would staying in her brother’s house in Hebbal and its possible to have fun. I was very happy.

After 1-2 days, we exchanged our numbers and started whatsapp. About her, she is 5. 1″ Height, 53 kgs and wheitish. She told her was 34-30-36. During her travel to Bangalore, she sent me her nude pics from the train toilet. Her areola was big and she had a sagging boobs but was very sexy and beautiful. I show her mine and enjoyed a lot in phone sex and she sent me lots of pics, without even asking. We decided to meet for sure on the condition of not loosing her virginity.

After 1 month, she got interview in Chennai location (Seruseri) and travelled along with her mother. She managed to meet me after her interview. She was fat but sexy in chudi. I got bike from my friend and went for a ride in ECR. She hugged me tightly and crushed her boobs from behind. When there is no one in road, she was rubbing my penis… I couldn’t drive properly because of this… We decided to go beach and spend sometime.

We went to Akkarai beach. Many couples were sitting in distance and enjoying. Seeing these, she became hot. We went to a secluded spot and sat… I put my hands on her shoulders. When there is no one around, I was pressing her boobs….. I wanted to feel her boobs, she adjusted her duppata and I slip my hands inside and felt the soft boobs… Her nipples were pretty hard…. We hugged for sometime then I kissed her forehead, eyes, lips, cheeks, neck, ear and I bite her earlobes. Then I hug her and licked the back part of her neck and kissed. Then I kissed her cleavage above her dress. I told her to unhook her bra. She liked to exhibit so she was also excited and she was enjoying fully. I put my hands around her and started to massage her boobs and her tummy and she had her head resting on my shoulders. She told me to lay on her lap and winked. I understood and kept my head on her lap by facing her tummy and pressed my head on her tummy and rubbed my nose then… Told her to adjust chudi tops upwards and licked her thighs above her chudi pants. My head was occasionally touching her boobs.

A transgender came towards us. So we got up and adjusted ourselves. Transgender left after talking for sometime and got Rs500 from me. We both were bit tensed, maintained some distance and was talking. Again in 5-10 min, I told her to lay on my lap. After few min, she accepted. While she was laying on my lap by seeing my face. We covered our faces using her dupatta and had a liplock and I started to press her boobs as hard as possible. She removed my hands and told.. Not to be so hard. I unzipped my pants and she sucked my penis above my underwear… My underwear was wet because of her saliva and my precum. I didn’t want to cum now. I made her to sit on my lap instead and was trying to get my hands inside her chudi pants. She untied the chudi pants and made it loose. I slid my hand inside her panties. It was hair and wet. I started to rub and asked, if am doing the right way. She eyes was closed and nodded her head.

Usually police comes at 7pm for sending away the couples and it was already 6:50pm. I was tensed cause of very less time. My hand inside her panties could feel the heat building up. As the heat increased, I gave more pressure and increased the speed… She was moaning as she couldn’t control. We locked her lips so that no one hears her moans. Finally she had her orgasm. She got up and adjusted her dresses and she wanted me to have orgasm so layed on my lap, took my penis in her mouth and gave a blowjob. Both were satisfied and hugged each other. She told, she screwed up her interview and she is getting job in Hyderabad through some relative. I asked for her inner as remembrance but she didn’t give me saying she has only this and can’t go without inner

We continued our sex chats in whatsapp and call. She got busy after 2-3 months and lost contact. Now am in new city, Bengaluru looking for some fun. I’m still a virgin and loves to explore things.
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