My nephew and me (a true and ongoing story)

I had always found my nephew to be a good looking individual, from when he was about 15 I noticed how well he moved and the shape of his body under his clothes sometimes made me take a short breath – he wasn’t skinny or muscly, he was just ‘lithe’ I suppose the term would be, he moved like a cat moves and I found that very watchable. It was very wrong I knew to have such thoughts about Zak, this beautiful eighteen year old, not just because I was 52 but because he was my husband’s nephew! I had held him when he was a baby, watched him grow into a fine young man and now felt lust for him, it had gotten worse after my very short menopause, I thought my libido would take a sharp downward turn but it seemed to have heightened to the point where just wearing underwear made my breasts tingle and my smooth vagina (I’ve always made a habit of waxing regularly) feel like it was being caressed by the soft cotton of my panties. Not only lust, I wanted to open up sexually and try out some of my darkest desires on him, these too had become more intense after the change… darker and more vivid in my imagination.

Zak dressed in a very strange way and even though I didn’t really know what was going on I knew he looked wonderful, he wore lots of black shiny pvc, purple velvet and big heavy engineer boots with buckles and straps… I found these clothes very interesting and because they were stretched tight over Zak’s milky white skin this made him even more alluring – there was something that reminded me of ‘The Matrix’ when he wore his long black coat, a movie I really liked – mainly because of Trinity in her shiny gear.

The ‘incident’ happened when Zak was staying with me and on this morning I had been dreaming of how Zak would look undressing in front of me, removing layer after layer of tight shiny fabric, peeling it off to reveal his smooth pale flesh – I woke up very aroused and had to have a shower to calm myself down, touching myself in the cascading water with a whimpering orgasm.

While my husband was away, Zak was staying for a week in the spare room. As I walked past I noticed the door was not quite closed and although I maybe knew he ‘could’ be undressed I really wanted to go in. Waiting outside for what seemed like an eternity I held my nerve, opened the door and walked in anyway. Zak wasn’t undressed but but was half-dressed. He looked up in surprise when I walked in but made no attempt to hide his body, he just smiled that half smile of his and carried on dressing. He was sitting on the end of the bed pulling a pair of tight pvc trousers over his knees. I quickly scanned his body, his smooth white thighs… oh, those thighs! Zak put his feet on the floor and stood up, he wriggled his hips whilst pulling the pvc upwards, I could see he was wearing pvc underwear too – a sharp V separated his thighs and arced upwards high over his hips and around his waist. I tried to look away but couldn’t, I almost gulped and felt my legs weaken as I looked at the large mound stretched tightly over the front of the pvc pouch, and then noticed Zak watching me so I quickly made my apologies and exited the bedroom, closing the door behind me.

This is what I wanted… wasn’t it? It felt very wrong and for a moment decided I would never want to see Zak like that again – put it passed. My face was burning and my breathing was rapid…oh the embarrassment, excitement and just unadulterated lust flooded my thoughts, I just couldn’t get the image of Zak in pvc underwear out of my head.

All day my thoughts returned to that moment when Zak stood up. My nipples felt hard inside my bra and I was tingling between my legs, my panties felt too tight and damp. I wanted Zak, wanted to touch him… intimately, feel his flesh under my fingertips.


My tense headache had been with me all day, thinking, lusting but it went away as soon as Zak came in at around six. I could detect the faint aroma of Patchouli as Zak closed the front door, which he always seemed to smell of, and hear the heavy weight of his boots. He entered the lounge and said he was going upstairs for a rest, I smiled and tried not to show my thoughts, I wanted to follow Zak upstairs and strip him naked, I wanted to see what was the cause of that large bulge inside his underwear, have him pierce my with it. These thoughts flashed through my mind as he turned and walked upstairs. After ten agonising minutes I went upstairs to my own bedroom and slowly undressed, I had an idea to confront Zak and see how he felt because I was sure he didn’t find me unattractive – he’d told me on a few occasions that I was a ‘babe’, although I always took this as a joke. I put my bathrobe on and took a deep breath. My breathing was quick and I felt weak, I trembled with excitement.

Not bothering to knock, I opened the door to Zak’s bedroom, the light was off and the moon shed it’s beams through the window, across the ‘clothed’ body of Zak. I was expecting him to be in bed naked and faltered slightly when Zak sat up and looked straight at her…for what seemed like an long time I stood motionless – what a silly thing to do I thought and was about to walk straight out when Zak smiled and stood up slowly, he walked past me and closed the door.

Zak closed the blinds and switched on the lamp, every movement seemed to take ages and I felt my legs trembling. He stood in front he me and unbuckled the wide leather belt and slid it from the pvc loops of his trousers, I watched intently – not smiling and trying not to stare as he unzipped the front of the pvc and wriggled them down his hips. I could see the whiteness of his flesh clearly against the shiny blackness of his underwear, slowly appearing as the trousers slid down Zak’s thighs. I thought there was no sexy way of getting out of tight trousers but Zak’s cat-like movements made the act worshipful.

I walked over to him and knelt at Zak’s feet, I reached out and pulled the pvc down his legs, the feel of the plastic was soft and shiny under my fingertips, almost slippery to the touch – it was a feeling I very much liked. Zak sat down on the bed and I pulled the trousers off his feet. I looked up at his thighs and ran the fingernails of both hands over them, caressing them, feeling their smoothness, the lean muscles…Zak stood with his feet slightly apart, I look up inches from the shiny bulge, I could see the shape of his cock inside – long and thick curving downwards under his balls. He was large, I could see that, larger than I had imagined.

Zak stood up and the black velvet vest fell down to just below his hips, giving the effect that Zak was wearing a very short dress, I looked down and the pvc was hidden completely under the velvet, just Zak’s long pale thighs ran from the velvet hem. There was something very sensual that I knew what he was wearing under the hem of that vest but the pvc was just out of sight, almost teasing me. I reached down and pulled the velvet off over Zak’s head, his body was so smooth and white, I ran my hands over his chest, back, shoulders feeling every muscle, dip and bump, then moved down to the pvc waistband covering his navel. I was fascinated at how the plastic felt to the touch – so erotic and sensuous…I kept my hands on his hips and looked up into Zak’s face. Zak gasped and I could almost see some colour in his cheeks, he looked me in the eyes and bit his bottom lip. Never leaving eye contact, I moved my fingers around the back of his body and felt the tight pvc cutting across his ass, again arcing upwards to the waistband, slowly my fingers busied themselves pressing and caressing the shiny fabric, feeling every curve of Zak’s waist, following the edge up over his hips and around to the front…I let the backs of my fingers brush the tight bulge at the front, running my fingernails over his shape, between his open legs, Zak tilted his head back and half closed his eyes. I looked down at my fingers, they were pleasuring him with the lightest of touches and it felt great, doing this to such a beautiful body. I gripped the waistband at each hip and pulled the fabric up higher which accentuated the largeness of his balls and length of his thighs, still looking down I could his size growing longer, thicker, the large roundness of his balls cupped in the tight black plastic.

Zak sat on the bed and lay back, a devilish smile on his red lips as he looked up at me. His body was completely hairless and his skin so pale, made paler by the bulging triangle around his middle. He reached down and started to move the shiny material down over his hips, showing me what I wanted to see. I stared closely as this happened, almost in slow motion – Zak lay on the bed and pointed his legs towards the ceiling as he slid the ruffled pvc down his thighs and calves then off over his feet – it seemed that my fantasy was happening and my legs felt week, my face was flushed and my heart raced. My gaze had been following the pvc panties journey down Zak’s legs and I almost forgot he was now completely naked – his body so smooth and hairless. His white skin was flawless, I scanned his body and saw his large smooth balls separating his thighs leading onto his long thick cock, half erect and very large, much larger than I thought it would be, it lay flat above his navel, its skin white and smooth – almost synthetic looking, I thought. I pulled my bathrobe apart and showed Zak my mature body, well rounded hips but a flat tummy…Zak look at me and reaffirmed what a ‘babe’ I was, focussing between my thighs and again smiled that devilish smile. He reached out and I moved towards him, my bathrobe dropping to the floor as his fingers ran down from my navel to the centrepoint of my pleasure, pressing gently and caressing between my lips. In my heightened state I moved forward onto Zak’s fingers making them slip inside, I could feel the pad of his thumb moving against my clitoris and my wetness grew to an overwhelming and sudden orgasm…it shook my core and made me tremble, whimpering and almost crying through its intensity – all the time feeling myself being intimately massaged into ultimate pleasure. I opened my eyes and looked down at Zak’s naked, perfect body and another wave of pleasure wracked my frame…and another…I had never experienced pleasure before like this and I had to lay down beside Zak to stop myself from falling.

I lay next to Zak, his smooth hands caressing my hips. I couldn’t believe what had just happened and the intensity of it. I looked down at Zak’s cock and took in just how big it was, now fully erect and so thick and long…if anything were to happen between us I felt quite apprehensive about having it inside me. I had longed for the union between us to be fixed so that we joined together, sharing pleasure and now I felt as though it may never happen. I moved my fingers down and caressed its length, its smoothness and then I ran my fingernails over Zak’s smooth balls, large and heavy, I weighed them with my palm, squeezing gently…Zak closed his eyes and purred as I watched his cock thicken slightly and lengthen. It was fully erect and laying on Zak’s stomach throbbing and thankfully not much bigger than before, although it was quite a beast…but very beautiful.

As I caressed Zak my mind wandered to the dark thoughts I’d been having. Could this be the start of realising my fantasies? Playing with Zak, the knifeplay, the rope and straps…oh, the latex! I felt myself start to tremble as Zak lowered himself between my thighs, moving his head forward and forcing them to part. I arched my back as I felt Zak’s tongue linger and caress her lips, moving inward and flicking her clitoris. Zak’s hands stroking my tummy and my hips as he busied himself with my pleasure.