Sex with roommate of my girlfriend

Hi, I am Aman age 21. Living in Gwalior and completed my study from private university. I am good looking boy with height of 5’11”.
So let’s come to the story, this story is about me and a friend (Anaya) of my girlfriend who lives in Delhi. This happened around 8 months ago when I went to Delhi to meet my gf. I stayed at her flat it was 1 BHK. She had 2 roommates. I & my gf were living in bedroom and her roommates were in hall at the time of night. I generally spent my maximum time in bedroom even when she went to college.
One day after taking shower I came in bedroom and I was watching some videos on my mobile and my one hand was inside my lower. That time I was alone in bedroom because my gf went to college. One of her friend Anaya didn’t go to college she had some health issues. She was so hot with milky white skin and sexy figure. She was a bosomy girl with slender waist and huge pair of bums. I have masturbated many times thinking about her but I wanted to have sex with her. I wanted to grave her in my arms.

I was freely masturbating because anaya was in bathroom so no one was there other than me. When she came out after taking bath, she wore only a white t-shirt and lower she didn’t wore bra underneath. Drops of water falling from her hair were wetting her t-shirt. She was looking sexier in wet t-shirt.

She entered in bedroom with her washed clothes for drying her clothes in balcony. As soon as I saw her, I put my dick inside my lower. She had seen me masturbating but she didn’t say anything and went to balcony. I was scaring if she’ll say something to my gf then what will she think about me. But when she came out from balcony her eyes were looking towards floor and a naughty smile was on her face.

Then she went to kitchen for preparing tea for herself so she asked me for tea but I said no because already I was feeling very embarrassing as she saw me doing all that. Then she called me in kitchen to find the sugar jar, I went to there and I stood just behind her. Her body fragrance was exiting me and I was staring her neck which had some water drops over it. She noticed it but didn’t say anything about that.

From her behind I gave her that sugar jar and stood there behind her and placed my hand on her shoulder. I was scaring but she didn’t react anything so I got some courage to go ahead. I was getting high so I didn’t want to stop myself. Then I placed my one hand on her waist and pulled her towards me.
She closed her eyes and tightly caught my hand. After this I got a green signal to go ahead. I gently kissed on her neck, shoulder and earlobes then I turned her around towards me and kissed her on her closed eyes then I placed my lips on her lips. Her breaths were getting faster and warmer. Firstly we were kissing gently I was twirling my tongue around her tongue then we started biting each other lip my one hand was on her back and another was in her head.

Then I placed my one hand on her breast and another in her lower, she was too wet down there I could feel it from her panty. I started pressing her boobs from her t-shirt. Then she start moan aaaahhhhhhh Aman press it harder. Then I took out my hand from her lower and removed her t-shirt. Her milky white naked boobs were in front of me her nipples were light pink. I started sucking them passionately and she was also enjoying all the actions very well. Then I started kissing her body from her neck to her navel she had a deep navel. Because of the kiss on the stomach, she began to tickle.

Then she removed my t-shirt and placed her hand in my lower and took my dick in her hand it was on its full length. She was playing with dick and started kissing me on my lips wildly. Then she went down and removed my lower. I didn’t wear anything inside my lower so my dick was in front of her eyes.

She started kissing my dick and then took my dick in her mouth. She was sucking like she was very hungry for this. I was feeling like heaven. She sucked it till 10 minutes. I cum into her mouth and she drank it all.

Then I took her up (placed her over kitchen platform), then I removed her lower and spread her legs. I placed my head between her legs, her panty was too wet so I started kissing and licking on her panty. Fragrance of her pre cum from her panty was making me more excited. Then I removed her panty using my tooth. Then I put my tongue at her clit and started licking her clit.

She started moaning aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Aman now I can’t wait insert in me. Hunger for my dick was easily seen on her face. But I continue to lick her pussy I entered my tongue inside her pussy then she locked my head between her legs. I licked her until she came. First time I licked someone like that even I didn’t lick my gf more than 2 or 3 minutes. I was fully hard that time and wanted to fuck her. Then I stood up and started kissing her lips.

Then she took my dick and placed it on her pussy. Then I entered my dick in her pussy. She was too wet so it went easily in her pussy. Then I started stroking her. She was moaning aaaaaaahhhhhhhh Aman do it faster. After some time of fucking when I was about to cum I took my dick out and came outside during this she also came.

Then I took her to the bedroom and lay down beside her and was playing with her nipples, her nipples was erected like they were inviting me to suck them. But I was tired as fuck because of continue sex in night with my gf and now today with her friend and she was also tired because of sex and her health issues. So we slept together naked in each other arms. While sleeping in her arms I forgot that my gf would come in the evening.

At around 4:30PM I woke up due to my phone. My gf were calling e then I realized that she is about to come home. Then I woken up her friend and we both wore our clothes. Then she went in hall. At 5:00PM she came at room and asked me why I didn’t picked up her call. I told her that I was sleeping and my phone was on vibration mode. She said that she called me for asking about lunch, I had or not. I told her that I was sleeping whole day so I couldn’t. She didn’t even know that what happened in day time.

So this is my first story. I hope that you enjoyed it. Send me your comment in mail [email protected] In next part I will tell you what happened in night.