Two married virgins – part 4

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So he lead me to the bed and I took the towel from his hand and laid it out on the bed. I laid down on top of the towel as I sat up on my elbows to watch him do his magic on my clean, naked, wet body. He crawled on top of me and began to kiss me with that awesome kiss he taught me. I laid back and put my arms around him to get into the mood. I had to remove my arms from around him as he licked down my body.

I was feeling tensed as if I was a virgin again. He reached my nunny cat and he started licking it. I tensed up even more. I began to giggle. He looked up at me.

JT: What’s wrong?

Me: Sorry I’m ticklish there.

JT: Your husband don’t do this to you?

Me: He tried it before.

JT: You laughed at him too?

It was weird that he was talking to me from down there so I asked him to come up and talk to me. He laid on the side of me and I told him about the time my husband tried that on me.

Me: I had gone to my husband’s graduation from the Army’s basic training when we were still just dating. He was still a senior in high school, so we could not get married yet. I wanted him to know that I was not going to be a lame wife and not try a few freaky things. So I told him I wanted to try oral sex with him and asked him does he want to try it. We washed up and that night in that hotel was the start of the worst sex in our lives. I did him first and he told me when he was about to cum so I moved and started to use my hand to help him finish. I got a hot wet towel and cleaned him off. After he caught his breath he begin to do me. He did it like it was the nastiest shit he had ever done in life and he looked up at me with his spit dripping from his mouth to my cat and he ran to the restroom to go wash out his mouth. I was so angry because I swallowed his precum and sucked him dry until he told me he was about to cum. He never seen me treat him as if he stank or he was a disease. I was thinking, damn I’m a virgin and he treating me like I’m some slut. I was not sucking dick or anything else just to keep my virginity, I was 100% virgin when I met him. Why would he treat me like this?

I began to tear up as I told JT that story.

JT: Shhh, please don’t cry. So yall never tried again after that?

Me: Yeah he tried again because I told him how he made me feel and I told him that may be another reason I don’t like his touch. When he tried again it became ticklish to me. So I would always stop him. If you can teach me without doing that, I would appreciate it.

JT: Ok

He used his thumbs to clear the tears that were forming in my eyes and began to kiss me again. He placed his big dick on top of my clit and began to roll it on me. The mixture of me getting wet and his precum began to get me wet so he tried to push his dick inside of me. I was tight like I was a virgin again so he tried to push harder. I felt a slight pain as he kept trying but I wanted it to go in so I can learn what I needed to learn. All of a sudden this boy came. He was shocked and looked down at his dick as if the shit was broken. The way he looked at it made me laugh so hard. This was pro and I just broke his ass down by just being too tight. He dropped down on the side of be and was in shock.

Me: LOL, Don’t worry that’s the same thing that happens to my husband. At least he will be happy to know he not  the only one that don’t know how to fuck me right.

JT: I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe it’s the fact that I have so much respect for you and your husband and I don’t feel good being in his bed.

Me: Yeah right. LOL, Or maybe you are so in love with your freaky girlfriend that you feel bad cheating on her because you did not get permission to do this.

JT: Now that’s not it. Maybe we can try again tomorrow in her room.

Me: You don’t have to touch me if you don’t want to. We can forget about it. Just get you some rest and I will wake you in the morning for work.

JT: No please, I have to try one more time. I can never leave a woman not being pleased with me. Can you meet me tomorrow night in her room.

Me: LOL, Ok. If it don’t happen tomorrow I won’t let you try again.

JT: Fair enough.

I got up and went to shower in order to clean his cum off my pussy hairs. I combed my pussy hair as I have always done to keep my hair loose and soft. I just did not let him see me do that the first time. I think he seen enough of how I care for my private parts.

I came in the bedroom with a clean towel and a hot wet washcloth for him to clean himself. He put on his boxers and we went to sleep holding each other all night. Every now and then, I can hear him say, I can’t believe this. I told him to care his ass to sleep and let it be.

I woke up early in the morning and made him a breakfast and a lunch to take with him to work. I did not have to wake him because the smell of the food woke him up.

Me: Good morning, quicky. LOL Have a seat.

JT: Very funny. I’ll show you quicky. Wait until tonight. It smells so good in here. Do you do this for your husband like this?

Me: Do you think you are so special that I would do things for you that my husband don’t get? My husband gets this every day. I have never skipped a beat. In fact, I don’t know if you’ve noticed it when we go on our double dates, but my husband has never picked up a fork to feed himself from the first day I met him. I feed him like the King he is. He is the only man I ever did that or anything that was made for my husband for. I am not like other women who teats all men the same in hopes of finding who my husband is. I knew anyone I ever dated before my husband was not my husband so they never got anything extra special from me. The day I met my husband, he got this treatment from day one.

JT: Wow, yes I did notice that. I thought you were doing it to make us look at yall because of the way we kiss and make yall look our way. I did not know you have always done that. How did you know he was the one?

Me: I know what a real man looks like.

JT: So what do I look like.

Me: Please don’t mess things up by asking me that. We are having fun.

JT: Ok

He looked sad as if he knew my thoughts. I said my prayer over my food and began to eat. He said a prayer over his food and looked at me as if he thought I should allow him to bless my food for me also, like he my man. There is no way I would let him bless my food to try and place himself into the seat as the head man in my home. I don’t want to give him false hope or power.

Me: Shit, first off, it’s too late for me to look and see if other real and good men exist. This is the only one I have ever seen and being married makes my eyes not open to try and search for any other men. He is the best I have ever seen, but he not perfect and neither am I. I am disappointed in all the men of the world. I am even more disappointed in the women in making men be comfortable with giving us low quality standards in men. If you want to fix yourself for a, somewhat, quality woman to accept you into her life, you will need to shut down your sex life and hang out with more quality women. Act like you have standards.

He looked into my eyes as if I was a teacher he respected.

JT: Yeah I know. I have that and a lot more to work on. Thanks for telling me the truth though.

Me: I always tell the truth. I figured you asked because you might want to know how to prepare yourself for a better woman in your future life. You may want to have a family with a wife and children one day. You are not the only one who has things to teach.

JT: Me with a wife and children? I never thought I would have that, but you sure know how to make it look like something a man would want.

Me: Well, I don’t want you to think all good and real women are just like me. You may never get or ever see any other man get the things you see my husband get from me. No woman is willing to do all this work.

JT: Why do you do it? You not even sexually satisfied.

Me: I do it because I promised God that I would if he sent me a man that reached all the standards I had written down. I never asked for good sex because I did not know it was important. It’s not a problem to me because I do these things for myself, he is just there when I do it so I do it for him also. I feed myself, I feed him, I wash myself, I wash him, I do my hair, I do his, I do my nails, I do his, I bust my bumps, I bust his and so on… other than that I do not notice I am doing it for him. I feel like I am doing it all for myself. When he looks good, I feel like I look good.

JT: Wow, you do all that?

Me: That’s not even half of what I do. Well it’s time for you to go to work.

I grabbed his empty dishes and  I reached him his lunch. I checked my home to make sure he took all of his belongings and I walked him to the door. He looked at me as if he wish he had this life.

Me: So do you want me to show you what I do when I walk my husband to the door every morning?

JT: LOL, Yes.

I pushed him against the wall and kissed him passionately.

Me: Have a great day and make it home safe please. Well in your case, I will meet you in the room tonight.

JT: Mmmm, your husband is a lucky man. See you later.

He left to go to work. I watched him walk down the stairs, than went to the window to watch him leave and he did look up to see me there just as my husband does. I blew him a kiss and he smiled and waved.

I hope he don’t waste my time tonight. I will clean myself the same way I always do, so if it is the tightness that makes men not able to do their job, than it’s their problem.

To be continued….

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