Tinder date went just right

Hi this is Vaibhav narrating a story about my lovely encounter with a girl. I am a college student with decent looks and good body, after reading this story do tell me how you liked it and you can always contact me for any help or if you would like to talk to me.

This is a story of how I fucked a girl Aneesha I went out on a date with who is 20 years old. She lives in Delhi. She is fair 5’6” and has nice built, chubby at right places. She has black hairs, sharp eyes, sharp nose, nice pink lips on which she always wears some bright shade of red lipstick. She has very nice legs and looks sexy enough. She usually wears clothes that appears as if just made for her. Her figure is approximately 36C-26-36 She has a great skin BTW.

So, coming to the story, I was single and was searching for a girl therefore I installed tinder. I was swiping every girl right as I didn’t want to read bio and all. I didn’t get any matches on the first day and it was becoming boring and I was about to give up. The second day I got a notification saying I have new match. I saw the girl’s profile and there were no real images, there I was again sad thinking it to be a fake profile. But instead I sent Hi, to which her reply came. After that I was not hoping too much but we had good 2 hours long conversation over tinder. She was very flirty and I was obligating too.

On the next day, we exchanged our phone numbers and I called her as I am not much of a chat person. She picked up and her voice was just mesmerizing to my ears so intense and full of life and she is a very smooth talker so we talked about everything and in between I was flirting with her and she was replying positively.

After two three days of talking on phone I asked her out on a date to which she said yes.

She texted me her address I went to her apartment rang the bell. She opened the door she was looking gorgeous. We went to a great restaurant after eating had couple of drinks and while I was dropping her off suddenly she came close to me and kissed me on my lips. I was in a bit of a shock and didn’t respond at first but suddenly I hold her back and started kissing her my hands automatically went to her boobs and I was gently squeezing them she broke the kiss and looked at me smilingly, “see you later” She said winking at me. I didn’t understand she went back to her apartment and I went back to mine later.

Next day, we talked over phone about the kiss and gentle caressing and she was feeling very shy which was totally not how she used to talk. She said that we should go out again sometime to which I said why not tonight. So, I went again to pick her up and this time she was wearing very hot white shirt and shorts which were barely covering her thighs. We decided to go to a theater and watch a movie. So, we went to theater I bought tickets and popcorn and the movie started. It was a boring movie in the start but she seemed interested in the movie therefore I didn’t say much she was watching movie and eating popcorn while I was planning on how to kiss her after the movie. My mind was not able to comprehend anything at that time except kissing her juicy lips and smell of her hair was adding to my arousal. So, while watching movie her popcorn got finished. She reaches over to my popcorn which were placed in my lap and suddenly she drops them.

Now comes the awkward part, as I was aroused thinking of kissing her and making love to her. I got a boner in my pants and as she bends to pick up the box of popcorn she sees it.
“Someone is getting too excited watching this movie” She said smilingly.
“This is not because of the movie” I said feeling embarrassing.
“Is this because of me?” She asked in a firm tone
“Well… yeah You were bending over and you being right in front of me on your knees kind of did it for me”. I said sort of shy, she’d never even looked at my dick before.
“really”? She said raising an eyebrow, she readied herself onto both of her knees evenly, and smiled and put her head right next to bulge in my pants. “So, if I were to get this close, you will get really really hard?”. To my amazement my reaction was almost instant, my cock twitched even more and I grew to my fullest extent feeling very uncomfortable.

“Wow Baby, I thought you were big like two minutes ago, but you grew even more this is a huge dick you have” I wonder how is it when it is not being kept by those jeans you are wearing”. Her hand rose from my ankle passed my knee and onto the outline of my cock. She grabbed it started rubbing it from outside my jeans.

After slowly rubbing my cock, and making sure I was as hard as possible, she lifted up the bottom of my t-shirt. Starting to unzip my jeans, she was smiling the entire time. Her hand went swiftly into my underwear and she ran her hand along and pulled my erect dick out of my underwear. “Baby…… You’re really big, why didn’t you tell me you were so fucking amazing?” She asked me.

“I don’t know… You never asked. Why…. You like it, right?” I asked.
“Oh, my god yesss! I mean I don’t know if I can take all of your cock at once… but, I want it so bad.
“Do you want to do it?” I asked, smilingly.
“yeah baby, I’ve been waiting for you to ask that”. She said hesitating a bit.

Her eyes shifted down to my hard dick. She was getting closer and closer to it, stroking it with her hands. She got to it and started to kiss the tip. I leaned my head back and gripped the side handles of the seat. Her tongue ran up and down my dick and I moaned slightly, I remembered we were in the theatre, I looked around. Everybody who was here earlier had left because of how horrible the movie was. I leaned back once again, she finally put my dick head into her mouth, her tongue rolling over the tip of my cock.

“Oh god babbbbbbbbbyyyy……, that feels ssooooooooooo gooood.” I said through a moan. Her reaction was spontaneous, she shoved half of my cock down her throat, she started to gag. “baby, You’re so good at this”. She pulled my dick out of her mouth all of the way, and spat on the head, and started to jerk it and kiss the head of it again.

“Lean your head back again, I’m not done”. She said to me, she spat on my dick again and rubbed my really hard. She shoved the head into her mouth and her tongue danced around it. I moaned again, louder. She kept doing this for about ten minutes before I felt the sensation the trembling in my legs start to build.

“Baby I am gonna cum soon, you better finish me off with your hands”. She quickly shut me up by deepthroating me all the way.
“It feels so good Aneesha” I moaned. She kept sucking and my legs and back tightened up as I shot many shots of cum into her lovely mouth, she couldn’t hold my cock in thereafter. She pulled my cock out and closed her eyes in pleasure.
“Mhmhmmhmmmhm”, She moaned as she swallowed my cum. I picked her up with ease and set her in the theater chair, she’s practically very light to me. I got down on my knees and lifted her shirt slightly and kissed her stomach as I explored her wonderful skin at her back with my hands.

I finally lifted her shirt up to her boobs, she was wearing a black bra, which I think was small for her. I think probably on purpose. I slid my hands up back and unhooked her bra, even though her marvelous boobs were contained in a very small bra then their size still they were so tight that they didn’t fell down much as her bra came off.

Her Boobs were gorgeous, perfect size, perfect shape, I couldn’t contain whole of her boob and started to rub her nipple until it was rock hard as if pointing towards me to say “suck me”. I started licking the other nipple sucking it like a baby. She started feeling immense pleasure and she leaned back and moaned a little. Then I took the first one in my mouth and she started breathing very heavily her hot breaths were swirling my hairs and her chest was going up and down in the pleasure.

I then slid my hands a bit down to find her perfect shaped navel. I hold her by her waist and then started kissing her navel which by the way was very hot and then I moved my hands to her shorts and unbuttoned them, she was wearing a black lace panty. I slid both her panty and shorts down to her knees and started to rub her pussy, it was so tight. I don’t know if she ever masturbated herself.

I started with one finger and used the other to rub her clit, as I used my mouth to lick her tits and kiss her. She loved that. She started to moan and I started to lick down her body and into her pussy, she went haywire, she moved her hand to the top of my head and started pushing me deeper inside. I licked all around her clit and up and down her pussy, and I put my lips on the top and bottom of her clit and started to suck and dance my tongue all around it.

She practically yelled in pleasure, but as the movie was very loud I don’t think anybody heard it. Juices from her pussy dripped down and got all over my mouth, I tried to lick most of them up and keep kissing her pussy at the same time. She pulled me up and kissed me hard, I opened my mouth a little and she her tongue inside with force, I ate it up, she tastes so good all over her body.

After a pause of some seconds, “Take me somewhere we can be alone” she whispered in my ear. Then winked at me. Like everybody else, we left the movie early and we went to a reputed hotel, on the way she was clutching me extra hard, kissing on my neck, rolling over her hands on my chest and occasionally touching my cock and telling me how much she wants me inside her, and how well it felt when I made her cum at the theater. This made me go even faster.

When we reached the hotel room I French kissed Aneesha for about five minutes. I picked her up, not taking my lips from her at all. She pulled away from my lips and told me how wet she was from being so horny.
I literally throw her on the bed and got over her and again we started smooching with my chest pressed against her breasts. My hands on her face and she started breathing heavily again. But this time while kissing I ran my hand down inside her shorts and panty and started rubbing her pussy the softness of her pussy was killing me all over.

I slowly entered my fingers in her pussy which was so wet that she has already wetted her whole panty and the stain is even visible on her shorts! So after about 2 minutes of fingering and kissing she again had an orgasm “Ohhhhhhhhh vaibhav , fuckkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeee” she moaned loudly. Now after sometime she stood up all tired from the bed and started to look around the room.

With some effort, I manage to get up from bed, and walk to Aneesha. Standing behind her, I put my hands on her Butts. She turns her neck, inviting me, and I softly kiss her lips.

She slowly turns around, facing me, and presses her body against mine; her boobs against my chest. She wraps one arm around my waist, while the other one goes around my neck, her hand is in my hair. This way, she pulls me tight, softly rubbing her tongue over my teeth, as if exploring my mouth. All I can do is press my hands on her burning skin, Absorbing her heat, and diving in her kiss.

I feel her warmth running through my hands. Her lips, her tongue, stroking, touching and taking intense pleasure through my mind. Just after some time Aneesha releases me; softly pushes me away, and while we’re both gasping for air, we both starts unbuttoning each other shirts.

I look at her face seductively, her lower lip is sucked in, she softly chews on it. When I look a bit lower, I see her beautiful breasts, her nipples inches away from my body. Firm breasts full, beautiful, juicy, lush globes with sexy nipples pointing shamelessly in my direction. I want to touch them, feel them, but hesitate. Aneesha notices, takes one of my hands, and presses it firmly against one of her melons of soft flesh.

I moan softly to which she smiles and say, “Do you like it?”
I just move my head up and down.
Silently Aneesha takes of my shirt and then she takes a step back to watch me from top to bottom. Her eyes run over my chest and I am like “I hope she likes what she sees” ;p.

Aneesha smiles and steps forward again bends over and wraps her lips over my nipple. I suck in air, and groan when her tongue starts fiddling with my nipple. Then she moves on to the other nipple. This one is also treated in the similar manner except she carefully pulls it with teeth. I look at her in awkwardness she says “Relax I won’t hurt you”. I took a sigh of relief. Her hands go to the button of my trousers, and I try to kick out my shoes.

The trousers’ button seems an impenetrable barrier but just when I’m about to do it myself because she is not able to open it, it comes loose. Then she unzips me and pull down my trousers I step out the trousers and I’m left with my boxers and socks.

She wraps her hands around my body and now I feel her nipples poke hot against my bare skin I can hardly breathe.
One hand presses her butt, pulling her close, so my boner can’t go unnoticed. Her lips are now truly assaulting my mouth and both of us are breathing very fast.

Slowly I push her towards the bed. Somehow, I manage to remove my socks, she carefully sits down on the mattress, I push her over and drop down on her. One of my hand grabs her hair which were smelling very good and other softly caress my cheek, while she keeps kissing me.

Her hands run over my back and then I finally move my hands to her ass. Her panty is blocking me so I push it aside and now my fingers are free to explore her firm and round butts.

First, the tips of my fingers stroke the skin, but then I squeeze her butt she gasps and move her butt cheeks in a way that they get pressed more in my hand.

While we are kissing, my body starts moving on it own accord. I am urging to explore those breasts, after a small pause, I direct her body to the center of the bed she looks at me in a very intense expression, heated and begging for my touch. Her hands, on my upper arms, try to pull me down, to get my lips back on hers but i resist.

Instead I bring both hands below her beautiful boobs which are looking extra sexy because of her heavy breathing and erect nipples and I push them up, Rubbing the soft boobs affectionately in my hands. Aneesha uplift her back, her eyes are closed, her mouth is slightly open…. And she moans, and when palm of my hands glide over her erect nipples, shivers run through my body.

Not able to decide what I want most next, I suck in her closest nipple. Aneesha gasps and shivers. I let my tongue rub the hard nipple a cute “ahhhhhhh” escapes her mouth. Encouraged by her moans, I move over the other boob, and start circling the areola with my outstretched tongue, closing in on and eventually flicking over the nipple. Now I go to her luscious lips and again kiss her and my hands are pressing her boobs and nipple as much as they can.

Her hands grab my head, firmly pushing my face in her boobs, her fingers running through my hair. As a result, I slightly bite her nipple. Suddenly she pushes me away. She reaches over to my wallet and pulls out the condom, she undresses herself completely and as do I she tosses the condom towards me and I tear the package and wear it. This action alone already causes waves of pleasure in my body. Now we move to the bed again she is going impatient as do I. She slides one of legs under me, and no I’m between her legs.

I enter the tip of my cock into her pussy she groans and it is not a pleasurable groan.
“Does it hurt” I asked.
“No…… I just need a second”. She replied
After a pause of 1 sec….
“Now” she commanded.

I try to push deeper now I feel what people mean when they describe a tight pussy, it isn’t easy, it almost hurts me, she moans softly but is not stopping me. Her eyes are tightly shut and breathing is short. Slowly I get deeper, to me it feels heavenly.

Halfway I stop and look at Aneesha; she is sweating I bend over and kiss her lips softly.
“I am fine just need some time to relax a bit”

I slowly pull out my cock and then push it inside. Her hands grip my hips tightly telling me not to stop. I try to move slowly and in rhythm and as I do more it gets easier. Perhaps it is also easy for her now. Now her hands let go of my hips and she is now exploring chest and back as it becomes easier I start to focus on kissing.

Once again, we start to smooch and she sucks on my lower lip and bites it hard!
One of her hands move to my head, and the other is going to her own boobs she start rubbing herself and pinching her nipples. It feels so good for me. After letting go my lip, our tongue found each other, stroking rubbing and swirling around each other, and our lips squeeze and stroke.

My cock no longer meets resistance while I am pushing in and out. I feel like I should change position. But I don’t wanna because this feels too good. Her movements become rougher and wilder, as if she’s very impatient. It only adds to my arousal.

Actually, I feel like I am going to cum. Then she moans very hard like screaming in pleasure “aaaaahhhhhhhhh vaibhaaaaaaaaav” I feel her muscles contract around my cock, and there is no holding back for me with her shaking, I feel loads of cumming through my cock and I find myself moaning in immense pleasure, this is beyond heavennnnnnnnnnn.

And I feel tired. This great evening was full of surprises and after all these wonderful things I am so much tired I feel drained. My finger’s move to Aneesha’s hip, and I start softly rubbing it. She turns her head in my direction, and gives me a tired smile. I move closer, kiss those lips once more, softly, and then I whisper “ It was mind blowing, didn’t know something can feel sooooooooooo goooooooood”

Do tell me how you liked my story, and I am also open to friendship or if you want to make contact for any other reason can mail me or message me on hangouts on the following id: [email protected] Thank you.