June – Part 4


She woke up as usual. Still pissed off at her husband she practically threw herself at him the night before. She heard him leave and drive off. She took of her night wear and lay in bed naked playing with her pussy. She enjoyed the day before. Wow. She had wondered if she could have sex with another man. She could she thought.

She looked at the clock 8.23 the painter would be here soon. She was feeling horny. She wondered if he saw her the day before. She hoped he did.

She smiled as he pulled up the drive. The door opening and closing. She sat up and stood. She put on a gown and walked to the stairs. She then took it off. No naked day today she thought. She got to the kitchen opening the blind. Then all the curtains. She saw him walk past the kitchen window. He looked in she waved. He waved back seeing her naked.

She had a drink and headed back upstairs turning on the shower. She opened the curtains,one net curtain and the sliding doors that led outside to the deck. She heard him walking around as she got into the shower. She washed and felt so liberated. She loved her body. She now wanted others to enjoy it to. She stood under the water facing the window. He head back under the water as it flowed down her body. She closed her eyes and caressed her breasts and rubbed her pussy. After showering she got out and dried off.

Another sunny day. A cool breeze blew pushing the net curtains apart. She sat on her bed again. She made the bed naked. She heard him on the deck. She turned and saw him he saw her.
” Hi ” she said. “Come in ”
” Pardon ” he said. She stepped to the doors.
” Like my body ” she said.
” Yes ” he replied.
” Well come and fuck it.” She said turning around walking to the bed. He came inside she stood and she turned. She ran her finger down his shirt to his groin. He admired her naked body.
” Wow ” he said. She kissed him he fondled her breasts as they kissed. She sat down pulling his shorts off with his underwear. She grabbed his cock sliding her lips over his cock. She sucked it and caressed his balls. He stood watching her.

She licked up his shaft circling his knob as she stroked it. She stood up kissing his lips. “Want to eat my pussy.” She said
” Yes ” he said as she lay on the bed he knelt between her legs opening then seeing her shaved pussy. He licked her clit circling it with his tongue. Be opened her labias up licking inside flicking them with his tongue. He tasted her sweet pussy juices as he slid his fingers inside her pussy. He finger fucked her as he licked he.
” You watched me yesterday didn’t you.” She said.
” Yes ” he said
” I thought so, did you enjoy it ? ” she asked.
” Yes ” he said.
” Good, now fuck me.”

He rise up her body fondling her breasts, sucking her nipples. He put his cock on her pussy sliding it deep into her. She groaned as his cock was guided up inside her been thrust backwards and forwards in her live tunnel. She marched her back and threw her head back closing her eyes as he fucked her. She thought of the last week. How here she was with her painter fucking him.

She groaned as her thrust her. Slapping against her body. He loved seeing her naked body under him as he thrust her. He felt his insides tense.
” Cum in me” she ordered.
He groaned as he exploded inside her filling her pussy with his juices. She rolled him to his back and his cock slipped out of her. She sat up straddling him. He admired her body.
” Fuck ” he said.
” You tell no one about this ok” she said.
” No ” he said ” Our secret”.
” Good ” she said smiling.” If your good you will get a fuck before work. Would you like that. ”
” Yes ” he said.
” Will your girlfriend mind.” June said smiling.
” Yes but I wont tell.” He replied.
” Good. ” said getting off him standing. ” Now get dressed and paint my fucken house.

She went to the shower and washed. She thought. She couldn’t believe she had fucked another man. She loved it. She embraced it. She felt so good. She wanted more. She felt so positive and confident in herself. She loved her body. She now really wanted to share it with others. She got out and dried herself her hormone racing. She smiled as Tony came to the door to ask her a question. She stood naked talking to him. A minute later she opened her wardrobe. She put in a red lacy bra. Then a loose cotton V Neck dress. It sat mid thigh. She smiled as she admired herself in the mirror turning flicking her dress up admiring her knickerless arse. She was loving been knickerless in her dresses.

She said goodbye to Tony. Got in her car and headed south. She decided to let the day decide what happened she loved the spontaneity. Off work for a couple of weeks while the house was painted. Her pussy feeling wet since she was fucked just over an hour ago for the first time in 3 weeks.

She headed out of town her mind racing. She was horny, feeling kinky, feeling liberated, even though she was married she felt lonely and could do anything she wanted. Her husband didn’t seem to want her. She knew there were men who would. Last night was the evidence she needed. She dressed up for her husband, threw herself at him. She got rejected. Bastard she thought. Last night she wanted to have sex with a stranger but had second thoughts. She woke up this morning with a cleared head.

She saw him in the distance. Thumb out tall wearing shorts and a singlet. His backpack at his feet. She saw the sign. It was a 90 minute drive. She smiled indicated and slid a hand between her legs rubbing her pussy.

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